Monday, March 18, 2013

wow its been a while but SCENERY CONTESSSSSST

Wow its been forever, feels like a year or something since ive really been active on stardoll, and i dont miss stardoll at all, not one bit, but i do miss the blogging :~(( To be completely honest i'm not even sure if i'm allowed to write here since I told Lia I quit, but she never removed me from the writers thingy, so here i am :~))

I remember in my early days of Stardoll, and amongst my favourite blogs was Editorialized, to me it seemed the most classiest and sophisticated out of all of them, you didn't need to write about bitchy back-stabbing stories to get readers, and it was the blog that really least concentrated on Stardoll and more on the real world and fashion, which we all adore. Lia's sceneries were always so amazing to me, the manipulation and beauty of everything! And i loved the scenery contests on here, just seeing all the amazing entries, so i want to make another one!

~to be completely honest i don't think that many people will even take note of this post but oh well its worth a shot to try and revive Editorialized~

The theme of this contest is FAIRYTALES.
You're a liar if you say that you didn't love princesses and the idea of a happily ever after as a kid and possibly still do, so this is your theme! You can recreate your favourite scene, portray your favourite fairytale princess, anything you like!
Heres an example that i made of Snow White really long ago [its pretty bad but oh well]

All you need to do is comment down below your username, link to where you created your scenery or a tinypic screenshot link, and that's it! There is no prize cause im poor and im not going to buy superstar just for this lol but you'll be featured in a post and you'll have my respect and honour, and i'll also be giving everyone feedback on their scenery :)))

it would mean the world if you did enter tho lol so do it