Thursday, September 1, 2011

Editorialized Revamp

I have recently realized that this blog is in desperate need of a revamp.
Unfortunately this not the same blog as it was before. Many of the writers have left stardoll, and it is very unfortunate. However the only thing we can do from here is move forward. Hopefully to bigger and better things!

I have a small checklist of things that need to be changed/updated:

-The Writers: I am looking to hire a few new writes who would like to write about anything to do with fashion and modeling in the real world and on stardoll. If you are interested fill out this form:
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized:
Along with looking at submissions I will also be scouting for writers, so if a message from me pops up that may be why. I really think this blog has so much potential, and I want to make the best of it. 

-Editorialized's Next Top Model: I am currently in planing mode for cycle 1! Yes it will be happening! I will not reveal much to you about it yet, but I will tell you that the wonderful Maggie (aka findurlove) has joined me on the judging panel! There is at least one other judge that will be revealed (along with the details of cycle 1) at a later date.

-A Blog Makeover: Do you think we need one? I do like Kylie's smiling face on the banner, but I don't want this blog to become out dated...Let me know what your opinion is on the subject

To new beginnings,