Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sewing Adventures

I don't know if you remember, but a few months back I did a post about making my own clothes! It has been a very interesting project for me, and has certainly given me some quality time, off the computer! Just the other day I completed my second item of clothing and I though I'd share it with you all.

The pattern for the shirt looks like this:

First I cut out all the pieces....

and then sewed it all together!

If only it were that simple...

I actually had to learn how to sew button holes, which can look really ugly if you do them wrong.

They seemed to turn out okay. Well they hold the buttons in place and that's about all I can ask for. 

And here is a beautiful puffy sleeve (:

Over the week end I also invested in some new fabric:

I like it quite a lot and I really want to make a romper out of it!I have 2 patterns that I want to combine. 

The top of this^                                                    and the bottom of this^

So that it looks something like this:

(my fail of a drawing XD)

Do you think that would work?
What do you think of my shirt? :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Resort 2012 pt. 1

Hello again fellow fashion fanatics, remember me? As Kylie stated about a week ago, I'm one of the three new writers for Editorialized! This will be my 'first' post again as I've been in Spain ever since it was made official here on the blog. On the other hand I'm not so new, for I've been on this blog before, just under another name which I bet you're aware of. o; Anyhow! I just wanted to say it's amazing to be back again! On with the post:

Resort 2012
From Left To Right: 10 Crosby Derek Lam, Acne, Moschino

 As we've all noticed, the resort collections of all the labels we love has practically been showed now, & I know I can count this season's resort collections as one of my absolute favorites! Thereby, I decided to create a three-parted segment about it, starting up with this part one, & with part two & three to come. I decided to do this because it'd literally be impossible to make room for all the great fashion of this season in one post!

For part one, I decided to look deeper into a trend which has been seen commonly recently but which aren't that new; the retro look. Above you can see three designers spotting this look on the runway. Moschino & Derek Lam has both created more nude looks color-wise, but with clear cuttings from the late 50's-60's era. Rosella Jardini aimed for the preppy school-girl look in her collection, meanwhile Derek tried out a bit more vulgar with influences from the 70's as well. The team at Acne also took inspiration from the early 70's, but instead used bright colors such as orange & blue. If you haven't seen the full collections yet, click at the names of them below the picture above.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prada Fall/Winter 11/12 Campaign

Prada launched their Fall/Winter 11/12 Campaign. Photographed by Steven Meisel are a few unknown models except for Frida Gustavsson. The models are sporting chic pieces from Prada Fall 2011 Collection while lounging on the multi-colored tile and green and blue velvet couches.

Models are flaunting furry caps, thigh high calf-length boots, colorful & funky mermaid-scaled dresses in neon colors and color blocking trend.

prada winter 2011 campaign

I love how their casting some fresh faces such as Kelly Mittendorf (above left). She’s signed with Marilyn New York, watch out for her this coming fashion week!

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Royal Post

I can still recall it - as if it was only yesterday: a royal wedding! Extravagance as far as the eye can see.


... and now the next wedding is approaching. Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco and former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock are going to marry! I think you can expect superlatives in a state that oozes wealth. The guest list embrace from Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher trough to Karl Lagerfeld.

Vogue already featured Charlene and the editorial is just GORGEOUS!


But what dress will she wear for her wedding? Drum roll, please. It's going to be designed by Giorgio Armani! I bet all of you know him. He's amazing, one of the most famous designers and he already designed for Katie Holmes and many others. His dresses vary by style: classically beautiful or edgy modern.


So we'll see what style Charlene will choose. The date of wedding is the 2nd of July!

Gonna watch it?


Monday, June 20, 2011

Fashion Blogging

I'm super sorry for my absence lately to this blog, but the other writers are doing an amazing job! Stardoll has just not been my thing lately, I'm pretty sure when my superstar ends in around 80 days I'll be gone.

But I suppose you'll be wondering what I've been up to online if I haven't been on Stardoll. I've still been here, reading blogs, but I've added a whole lot of other blogs to my list, most of them being fashion blogs, which I am very addicted to these days.

Let me show you a few. ;)

She really likes frozen yoghurt I think. ;)

This girl is gorgeous! I love her outfits and her photoshoots, one of my favourites so far!!

Another favourite! She travels heaps and has some great photos and outfits!

This girl is so cute, I love her clothes!

And who's this? It's Stardoll's own Mihaela, Avril14140, although I don't think she's active anymore, she still reads Editorialized and I had to check out her blog when she commented with it. ;)  Quick question though, how did you get so many followers and commenter's?? :O

They are just some of my favourite blogs, there are so many amazing ones out there I am yet to discover! However I'm guessing you wouldn't want to see my blog I started a couple days ago? ;D Don't worry I'll show you anyways.

What about you guys? Do you have any fashion blogs out there we should be following?? What are your favourite blogs?


Contrary to what many of us use clothes for, some designers view fashion and designing as an art. Yes, yes I know a lot of you view fashion as a form of art; much like a canvas replaced by clothes where you can express an emotion, emphasize on something that you think people should be more aware of, and sometimes, it is just that abstract outfit, that is full of glitter, feathers, maybe some oddly cut shapes in different sizes to form pattern after pattern which later forms a masterpiece that deserves solemn respect, something that should not be violated because of its natural beauty, something that should be preserved.

The main point I'm getting to right now is RODARTE. The designers of Rodarte are Kate and Laura Mulleavy, they have designed collection after collection of couture pieces that may be wearable but sometimes I would want to just own a piece of their collection and just hang it in one of my - as it seems - many cupboards and just look at it, am I really worthy of wearing something that is that beautiful? Now, I know that Rodarte does not have that many fans because of how abstract it is but look at the collection I give you below.

Rodarte is the next guest designer invited to show at Pitti W the Italian fashion fair, that is after Gareth Pugh and Proenza Schouler. Many of the designers just showed some pre-collection outfits whilst Rodarte exhibited a whole 10 outfit collection made from feathers, gold lamé, Swarovski crystals, sequins, and a variety of fabrics in various colors. The wonderful thing is after it is finishes from the Pitti W, it would be donated to the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

With love,

What's your posing niche?

niche (nich)  n., v. <niched, nich-ing>
                  2.  a suitable place or position: to find
                       one's niche in the world.

A posing niche is therefore the pose that you do perfectly. Something that you've just got down, and never fails to impress. Throughout looking at sceneries on stardoll I have found that certain people just excel at a certain pose.

(click on any scenery to enlarge it)

For example, .naima's niche is the body tilt. She was the first person I ever saw do it, and she has perfected it.
Melinda is probably the most talked about model on this blog, but that's just because she's so talented.
Looking at these sceneries it's impossible to deny that. 
As seen in these first 2 sceneries Melinda uses items as clothes. The cream top is actually layered chairs! It's a very good item to use for clothing because of it's shape, texture, and ability to shrink to a small size. It's no longer for sale, but you can easily find it by searching the starbazaar for chairs. I found one being sold for only 5sd!

New writer to the blog, Rockinellee also has a niche: Head tilts.
 I really love head tilts because they add so much character to a scenery.
Being stuck with your head always facing forward can get rather old, so this really keeps things interesting!
Elle has perfected the head tilt, and makes it look effortless!

This is Lauren-d's second feature on editorialized. She is currently in the final two of Pearl.Models, which is where these sceneries are from.
Her unique niche is elongation. I know you may not think that's a real form of posing, but I think it really adds interesting qualities to here sceneries.  
She uses clothes, and posing to elongate her body, making it look very elegant and unique!

This is the first editorialized feature for VianneX3!
Her niche is hair posing! Sounds kinda weird right? But if done right, it can be really stunning!
She takes hair posing beyond horse hair, and it really adds a nice touch to her sceneries. 

Sceneries from various clubs (Pearl.Models, ModelingWorld, RENTM, and juniormodels) and users personal sceneries .

Having a posing niche can be helpful because it makes you memorable! If you have a certain continuity in your sceneries people will be able to recognize you. Of course you don't want to do the same pose every time, but it's always good to have a back up pose. One that never lets you down (:

So do you have a niche? What makes you, you!?

PS: 50% of you think .pease. will win MelsModels! Will you be right?

And 78 votes? Wow! who knew there were that many of you lurking around, reading posts but never commenting...