Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's That? She's Back?

Hello peoples!

I'm back from the wonderful Malaysia, seriously I loved every moment of it (except when I got sick of course!).

I have pictures to post, but I'm busy sifting through them at the moment and editing a few on photoshop to make them look super cool, but I'll post them in the next couple of days, kay?

Anyways, I have a whole lot of ideas at the moment, I've got this competition planned, I've just got to sort out a few details, plus I have a new issue of RAGE to produce, plus I bought a few magazines in Malaysia and I'm going to show you some pretty cool editorials from there, plusss I have to choose new writers! If you haven't applied yet click here.

Be ready for lots of posts and more exciting things from Editorialized!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Posing: Dream big

I came across this image
and thought: what an interesting pose!
could I do it in a scenery?

The answer: yes! After 2 grueling hours I am done. 

It started looking like this:
now what the heck is that?!

Well lets see:
oh that looks a lot better!
But it's not that easy to cover everything else up....

I must admit at points while making this I was sure that it was impossible, but I couldn't let my self just waste an hour of my life, and so i just kept going. And I so glad I did cause look at how it turned out:

Now that fierce.
and then I just added a few items:
The finished copy. 
And guess what? Stardoll let me save it! No stupid item limit for this scenery (:

The moral of this post? Dream big with your poses! Anything's possible.

Comments? Will you try this pose?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Editorialize your room!

We love seeing editorials, so why not make sure you see them everyday? 
Above is a picture of my door! (but trust me you don't want to see behind it it's a mess!)
I just went through a bunch of old teen vogues, and cut out the editorials I liked the most. 
Below are some digital versions of the editorials I have on my door:

 This last one is my favorite! 

I really like have this part of fashion and modeling in my life!
So do you have magazine clippings in your room? Do you think it's a good idea to have them around?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Writers Wanted!

Hey :D This blog has been kinda dead since I've been away, and I really need some ACTIVE writers who'll post interesting posts about modeling and fashion.

I'll look over and choose when I come back from holidays. :D

Basically I am looking for people who will write about:

Stardoll Modeling
You'll write about the best modeling competitions, the best modeling agencies or the best places to makes yourselves a model! Also stardoll models who have been featured in many magazines etc.

Real Life Modeling
You can write about your favourite models and show us some of their best work, or you can show us some up and coming models we've never heard of!

Your review and your favourites from varius fashion labels (whether designer or just from your local shops).

Showcase sceneries from talented stardoll members!

And anything else fashion or modeling related, just nothing boring like free stuff and new starplaza items.

Also if you would like to have your own column, like I have with Fashion Diaries with Kylie, just tell me in the comments (and if any of the current writers would like a column just send me a message!)

Stardoll Name:
Give links to some of your posts (not just the blog you have written for!):
What do you think of the stardoll modeling industry?:
Is there anything specific you want to write about?:
Anything else?:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Malaysian Diaries

Hello peoples out there,

Right now, I'm in the kitchen, in our apartment that one of our friends own as a holiday house. It's 1.24pm in Australia or 10.24am in Penang, Malaysia which is where I currently am! Everyone else is currently asleep still so I'm being sneaky and using my sisters laptop! We have internet here, but I tend not to use it all that much.

Penang is really amazing, I'm really loving it here, so much I wish I could convince mum and dad to move here! Although the traffic can be quite loud, and there is a bit of litter around, it is really nice here. The weather is quite humid, as we are in the tropics and especially when you visit places in the mountains it is quite hot. However all the people are really nice and you eat rice and noodles three meals a day! Yum! :D

We've been to some pretty amazing places, including the Butterfly farm (where I took some pretty amazing pictures, I'd show you but they are still on my camera), a tropical fruit farm with an all you can ear buffet and of course the Komtar, which is this massive shopping complex, where yesterday we are some pretty good Thai food.

I'd tell you more but I better go soon, this Sunday we're going to a couple islands near Thailand so that is pretty exciting!

I'd show you some pictures but it's taking ages to load. D:


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News! News! News!

There's been plenty of modeling gossip buzzing around in Dollywood the past few weeks. New modeling competitions, new Top agencies & long longed results has all been made official, at once. As for a start, I present to you, Essence Models:
Essence Models is a new-found modeling competition owned by Iovanca, aka. Ioana, and VanAndAsh, aka. Delia. This competition isn't like others though, no-no. This modeling competition is based, on clothing designing and outfit making! I also snapped a little hint on the website of theirs, and I can tell you, this is going to be an ace competition.. See for yourself here!
As we're already talking about Ioana, why not gossip a bit more about her? The results for the prestige filled position as face of Stardoll Fashion Week has been made public! Out of 140 applications, not only one were chosen to model alongside with Coconut_Nicole, but two. FierceIsMyThing and Iovanca has got the dream positions as faces of Stardoll Fashion Week Spring 2011 alongside with Nicole! And what faces, eh? Lovely choices!

Another new-thinking modeling chance has recently opened up. Tyler's Top Models is a new modeling agency for aspiring models of Stardoll! And by agency, I truly mean agency. This is no modeling competition, no scenery-tasks, no weekly eliminations. This is an agency. And a very exclusive one as well! Only the best will be accepted to be represented by TTM. Read more and apply here.

P.S Passion Magazine was recently released! If you haven't checked it out yet, you totally should. This is another project of Ioana, here she's co-editor in chief together with Daisy-Croatia aka. Danka. And guess who's the covergirl? *Giggles*
What have you got to say about this all? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

See You In Three Weeks :)

Hey people,

This will be my last post for three weeks, I was meant to have written some fashion post but I got sort of distracted (one word: Tumblr).

Anyways, I hope all the writers continue to post about all things fashion and modeling regularly while I'm away and I'll see you soon (hopefully with loads of pictures!)

P.s I got some requests about Editorialized sponsoring projects, if you want to be sponsored mail me or gustbook me at missricopenguin and I'll get back to you eventually. :)


Out of the box poses!

So lately I have seem people become very creative with their poses, and I thought I should share them with you!

One cool out of the box pose, is sitting on a chair:
scenery by Emo.Punk.Emo

scenery by Itgonnarain

One very unique (and amazing) pose that I've seen is tilting the body:
scenery  by .naima

In stardoll modeling one of the biggest flaws is the lack of ability to do anything but face the "camera" face forward. What Melinda did in the scenery above is what I believe to be the beginning of a posing revolution! Thinking outside of the box, and never letting stardoll limits get in the way of creativity -Way to go Melinda!

Another very talented model is Xoxo_Zoey:

This pose is so creative I love it!

This scenery is also very creative: incorporating another object into the pose adds a really unique effect!

Another out of the box pose is tilting the head:
Scenery by Rockinellee

Tilting the head can add a really creepy effect to a scenery, as it does here. But it can also just be impressive cause trust me a pose like that is not simple!

Lastly I will leave you with my out of the box pose:

What do you think of all these amazingly creative out of the box poses? 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Layout!

What do you think? I made it all at 2am in the morning... luckily I have school holidays. I originally was only going to make the new logo, but I decided to see what would happen if I did the banner as well, and I like it.

Anyways, for all the media partners and such here is our new logo:

Also, Editorialized now sponsors Wonderland of E, an amazing fashion line owned by Vampire_, go visit the blog now!

Tell me what you think :)