Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at Editorialized...

We want to wish our readers a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! 

Graphic I made (:

Another graphic I made.

The holiday season is a time of joy for all, and we want to thank our lovely followers for keeping this blog going through out the year. 2011 has been a big year for Editorialized, and we could not have done it without all your love and support.

We hope you will continue supporting us through the new year as we give the blog a make over, and continue the first season of ENTM!

Stay tuned for exciting things in the new year!

PS: I have started a personal blog about the (dun dun dun!) REAL world. If you're interested, followers are always appreciated! The link is:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elimination 3 & Task 4

This post is long overdue. 

I'm sure many of you have forgotten the task, so here is a little refresher. 
The remaining 6 contestants had to create a scenery depicting an important issue in the world. The contestants were free to chose which ever issue they pleased, and there choices were very inspiring and emotional. 

The task winner:
Jelizaveta123: Smoking & Cancer

Congratulations!Your scenery will be posted on MDM!

2nd-5th place:
Rockinellee: Hunger

MMAlovergirl: Depression

x-x-Perfect-x-x: Bullying
Iovanca: Anorexia

Twiilight.Freak: Suicide

I'm sorry to see you go, but me and the other judges just did not feel enough emotion from your scenery. Please read the comments on your scenery page for more critiques. You have a done a great job in this competition, and you should be proud! I hope you leave knowing that you have learned something.

Task 4

Being a model is much more than just sitting still and looking pretty. It's about selling a product, and being adaptable.  

If you've ever seen a cycle of ANTM you'll know that the time always comes for makeovers. There's always tears shed for lost hair. But on stardoll, fear not, that hair can grow back in a second!

For this task you must change up your look. Try a new hair style and color or mess around with new make-up! In the comments of your scenery show a before and after of your look.

The scenery you make this week must depict a runway. You are the star model, and you must sell the look. You may create a story around it if you like, but most importantly you much create a sell-worthy look, and display it in the best possible way. 

You have until the 28th.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Six Months Gone By...

I did pretty well didn't I? I stayed off Stardoll for... 6 months? Lots of people can't stay off this tyranny (maybe 'tyranny' is a bit harsh?) for more than a week. I think what worked for me is that I realized that I didn't have time for website like Stardoll, and that I was too old to be playing something that was originally created for kids nearly half my age and that was why I left.

But I spent way too much time (and money) on this site to go completely cold turkey, I had made too many amazing friends to never speak to them again, and although this website might be intended for 10 year olds, I still have way too much fun creating outfits in my virtual dressing room, so I checked up on my account every few weeks to reply to messages and occupationally update my outfit. Over the course of the past 6 months fashion has become even more important to me than it was before (thanks to tumblr) and whenever I logged in to check my messages, it would bring a  smile to my face as I dressed my doll up in Chanel, Dior and YSL, because fashion is, and will hopefully be for a long time, a major part of my life.

Anyways, the point of this post is to say I'm on summer holidays and I have way to much free time and for the next 6 weeks I have absolutely no commitments, so it's quite likely you'll be seeing me around for a little while, I might even make a blog post (Versace for H&M anyone? Love!)! So if you want to catch up (or are just bored) message me on stardoll, or add me on skype kylie.xx, and you can tell me all about what I've missed out on in the last six months and if anything actually changed from July to December. ;)

xxx Kylie :) (once known as missricopenguin)

P.S I'm pretty sure this blog needs a mass makeover... hint, hint...

P.P.S Lia still owns this blog, I'm not planning on making any major changes to it.

P.P.P.S I won't be continuing any of my past projects.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Fashionable Debate: No Retouch Photos

    verb /rēˈtəCH/ 
    retouched, past participle; retouched, past tense; retouches, 3rd person singular present; retouching, present 
    1. Improve or repair (a painting, a photograph, makeup, etc.) by making slight additions or alterations
      For anyone who's ever opened their eyes to a magazine, they would've closed the magazine a little bit less self confident.
      The main purpose of fashion magazines, is to well, showcase fashion on beautiful people, with flawless bodies and faces.

    Her long, skinny legs, hourglass shape figure, the just-the-right-size boobs, and her flawless, blemish-free face?
    If teenagers like Lana [ForeverGorgeous] and Nika [Princess_Kiara1] can make stunning digital stardoll bodies, think about what adults who went through a uni course about this stuff can do.
    Her legs and arms are probably made longer, her body shrunken inwards, and that girl must've been using exfoliator since she was 11 to get skin like that! 

    However, with pictures like this growing more and more beautiful, yet fake in almost every magazine, 
    it was beginning to make people seriously doubt their own body, and it shot down their self-esteem and confidence.
    This was sort of a buzzkill for magazines, so they decided to do something new.

    No Retouch Photos

    This is self-explanatory, but for the slow ones, it means that the photo hasn't been altered in any way, it went straight from the camera, to print.
    Many people world-wide applauded this, as it showed how models and celebrities also have less-than-flattering bodies and faces, and they're just like us. 

    However, some people are against this, saying that models still look beautiful in the pictures, even without any retouching, and it makes people think, 
    "That's exactly how she looks in real-life, why can't I look that beautiful?"
    Often, the models are covered in make-up, wear clothes that cover their imperfections, or even small things like a play of light can distort their figure.

    Above are two covers of well-known Australian magazines, who have complete, no-retouched covers.
    These two covers both follow the same basis, same plan, but make you feel completely different.

    The cover on the left shows a close-up of Sarah Murdoch [39], it you can see obvious wrinkles, flaws and blemishes, just like the average 30-something woman would have.
    This cover, in my opinion, makes females think that if a top model like her has flaws, it's okay if I do too.

    The cover on the right shows Jennifer Hawkins [27], is the model for a full-body no retouching photo, 
    and honestly, this cover just makes me feel like crap.
    Her body is still flawless, apart from a stretch mark or bulge here and there, and her skin is just perfect.

    All in all, 
    retouched photos can create unrealistic impressions of bodies and goals and produce low self-esteem which may result into more serious matters like depression, but it also shows that it's just fake, and nobody looks that perfect.
    Non Retouched photos can show that other people have flaws too, nobody's perfect, but it can also lower self-esteem.

    So the question is, are you for or against No Retouch Photos?
    Let me know in the comments

    Are you Fearless?

    Fearless recently posted an amazing spoiler!

    Ou, this spoiler is amazing! I cannot wait for the release! 
    Visit Fearless' Official Website by clicking here

    Tell us what you guys think about the spoiler down below in the comments!

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011


    Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been applying to colleges like crazy, and I'm almost done. I just have one more application to go, and then all I can do is wait. *bites nails*

    I assure you that ENTM results will be posted within the week, but for now I have a more educational and artistic post for you all!

    It's about one of my favorite sites:

    On this site you can add fantastic effects to create all sorts of photos!

    Now one of my favorite things to do is go out somewhere with a nice landscape or background, and just take photos. I often bring my BFF along, because she's a great model. After one of these such events I decided to run my photos through pixlr-o-matic, and the results were better than I could ever hope!

    Here's an example. I started would with a perfectly average picture like this:
    It's pretty nice, but not jaw dropping or anything.

    I edit it on pixlr, and BAM!
    Insta magic! 

    Pixlr-o-matic allows you to separately change the coloration, added effects, and borders. However I have found that the trick is to use this button: 

    It instantly randomizes all three things simultaneously. I find that it leads to a combination of things that you would never think of using, but actually work quite well. Of course you have to press it a few times to get the right result, and sometimes all three things aren't perfect, but it really does help with decision making. I used this method on a set of photos, and I'm really happy with the results.

    Here are a sample of them:

    What do you think?
    Will you try using pixlr-o-matic?

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    ENTM: 2nd Elimination & Task 3

    Here we are again.

    This task was all about inspiration and posing. 
    The models had some of the finest posing inspiration around. 
    Coco Rocha.

    Well I have good news. And bad news.
    Do the two always have to come together? 
    Do people always want to hear the good news first?
    Do you want to hear the good news first?

    Well hear it is: All 6 submitted sceneries were AMAZING
    Wait, there's more.
    There will be no elimination tonight!

    This of course leads to the bad news.
    LuxeHolly & LoveGossip4Life have both decided to leave the competition.
    At this rate the winner will simply be the last one standing. 
    Please don't make it come to that.

    Alright, back to more good news!

    Here is the task winner:
    Congratulations your scenery will be featured on MDM!

    2nd-6th place:

    2nd: Iovanca
    3rd: x-x-Perfect-x-x
    4th: twiilight.freak
    5th: Rockinellee
    6th: Jelizeveta123
    I wouldn't worry too much if you're in the bottom, just please take a look at all the advice that the judges gave. I truly believe each of you 6 models have what it takes to win. So keep up the good work, and remember the prizes at hand!

    Task 3 

    We all have them. The world has them. Oh so many of them. 
    For this task you will chose an issue (abortion, deforestation, war, etc...) and, if applicable, take a pro or con stance on it. Make a scenery showing this stance/issue in a way that is still tasteful and editorial.

    We have all seen how amazing you all are at making sceneries and posing(keep it up!), now we want to see your concepts and your stories as well.

    You have until the 22nd.

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Kharma Fashion Week

    I'm sure we all love & miss Stardoll fashion week. It was an event where everyone's talents were shown, and all of dollywood came together. It was run by a great writer for this blog Becka (Psychotic-Freak). It's a lot of work to put something so extravagant together, and it left shoe big shoes to be filled. Only a few were capable of stepping up to the challenge. 

    One of those who did was Kharma Empire. Formally owned by Linus (Dog_boy96), and now owned by BrunoExclusive with the help of LadyGagaMcQueen. As we speak, the making of Kharma Fashion Week is in the works.

    I am very pleased to inform you that Editorialized is now an official sponsor of KFW!

    This means that you'll hear the latest and most important information about Kharma fashion Week right here!

    If you have been working on a blog or magazine, now is your chance to get it out there! Visit the blog for more information.

    Another little lovely surprise your all the Editorialized's Next Top Model Fans out there is that Kharma Empire, and specifically Kharma Fashion week, will be contributing a special prize to the winner! Stay tuned for more updates and to find out the details! 

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    ENTM: Elimination 1 & Task 2

    The first task in the history of Editorialized's Next Top Model is complete

    The task was impressionism. Let's see how it went.

    Here are the sceneries in review. In order from best to worst.

    The task winner is....

     Congratulations! Your scenery will be featured on MDM.

    Runner up...


    And 3rd-8th place


    The 9th contestant, Gabby1822, has decided to leave stardoll, and is therefore out of the competition. It is unfortunate, but lucky for our contestants this week, because this mean that no one will be eliminated.We will continue on with 8 contestants, but remember, only one can win.

    But for those of you who found your selves low in the standings, PLEASE take this as a warning. Take all the advice the judges gave you (Maggie could not judge all the sceneries because she was having computer issues) and work extra hard on your next task. 

    Task 2

    Super model Coco Rocha is not only known for her striking face, but also for striking poses.

     While judging the first task, one major thing I and the other judges noticed was that some of the poses seemed unrealistic. When basing your pose off of a photograph, it is almost impossible for that to happen. That is why this week we will be doing just that. We will be taking inspiration for the ever talented Coco Rocha.

    The following 10 pictures are the only pictures you may use for inspiration. No two people can use the same picture. It is first come first severe. Reserve your picture by commenting which number picture you want in the comments of this post. Once I see that you have reserved a picture I will add your name to the caption of it. 


    2 (reserved by Jelizaveta123)

    3 (reserved by Iovanca)

    4 (reserved by Twiilight.freak)

    5 (reserved for x-x-perfect-x-x)

    6 (reserved by Rockinellee)


    8 (reserved for LoveGossip4Life)

    9 (reserved by LuxeHolly)

    10 (reserved by MMAlovergirl)

     Once you have chosen a picture, you must try to recreate the pose to the best of your abilities. The styling, and setting, however, is totally up to you. Have fun with it, and maybe come up with your own story! 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! The task is due on November 12th. Good luck! As always, the task winner will be posted on MDM, and someone will be eliminated after this task.

    For those of you not in the competition: What do you think of those amazing sceneries?!? Do you like the new task?