Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Chase

Thousands of members have joined the chase. The chance to win it all. The ultimate title: Miss Stardoll World.

Broadcasts are full, and there are always new GB entries and messages showing up.

"Vote, vote, vote!"

Stardoll makes it so easy to advertise yourself.

Everyone has such high hopes. But the truth is that 99% of these members will not even make the top 680. Then what will they think? Why am I not good enough? What makes them better than me? 

The straight truth is that those who do become finalist may not be better than you. Maybe they just have more money to broadcast. Or maybe they offered an incentive for votes. In the real world this is known as bribery

I'm sure if we all took a step back and realized that these pixels mean nothing, all this insanity wold go away. But the truth  is, that's impossible to do. 

Everyone wants it, only one can have it. 
Let the chase begin.

PS: Did you like my scenery?
PPS: There will be changes with the writes soon, some will go - and who knows, maybe there will be new ones!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I'll leave Stardoll...
permanently and consistently...
There aren't much reasons to tell, all in all, Stardoll's pissing me off and I have some changes in real-life.
But I'll leave three accounts behind...:
My one and all: Punky_Lissy

 Informations about Punky_Lissy: 7673 Starpoints, 46 Days Superstar left, Royality, known Stardollmodel with own Portfolio, Coowner of this Blog, Suite with Penthouse, Beach, and 2 Extra-Rooms, a lot of items, fullfilled closet and storage.

Then a account which hasn't been used for a time: KyneSpie
 Informations about KyneSpie: 2045 Starpoints, never been superstar, 4 Room-suite with kitchen, office-room, a lot of items, some clothes

and the official BlogDoll:ExtravaganceSD

 Information about ExtravaganceSD: Very new Doll, 2 Room-Suite, has been superstar for 2 weeks, 612 Starpoints, kitchen, clothes, items...

I decide to not just giving them to anyone, so I want everyone who is interested in getting one of the Dolls, to tell my why you want to get them, what you'll do with them and who you like them, like they are now?
 The One who wants Punky_Lissy please recognize, that it's important to not change her facial-futures, because of her modeling-jobs and running jobs... Punky_Lissy only will be given away together with the ExtravaganceStardoll-Blog and her modeling-Portfolio - so of course this account will be only given to People with experience!!!

So if you are interested in becoming one of these Dolls,click here to apply in the comments!!!
-So try your luck and apply!!! 


Thursday, August 25, 2011


"There's nothing I can see, but possibilities..."

It seems almost every time I go to an event I leave with yet another lousy t-shirt. They're always too big, and the neckline is always way too high so that it's practically suffocating me. I usually just dump these shirt in my pajama drawer, and occasionally wear them from the safety of my home where no one can see me. However the other day I  received my senior class shirt (final year of high school!). This is a shirt that I am going to want to wear in public to show my class pride. But one look at the dumpy shirt told me that I was not proud of it. 

[Insert before picture here]
(Sorry I never took a before pic, so I'm working on getting a pic of my friends identical shirt...)

First of all they ran out of smalls, so it's one size too big, and secondly those necklines annoy me to no end. There was only one solution: t-shirt surgery. Normally t-shirt surgery is just cutting and tying, but I decided to take my sewing skills and see what I could do. I have to say I'm pretty pound of the end result!

Do you want to know how I did it? Here's a little tutorial on how to do it sewing by hand or with a machine. 

What you'll need: 

1 awkward t-shirt

Needle and thread or a sewing machine. (make sure the thread is the same color as your shirt. 

1 foot of thin elastic 

A t-shirt that fits you (for reference)

fabric scissors

a sharpie

at least 20 pins

Once you have all of that, you are ready to begin!

Step 1:                                               lower the neckline. 

-Cut off the collar, just below the seam that holds it on. 
-fold the raw edged in twice so that no raw edges are showing.
-Pin as you fold so that it will stay in place as you go. 
(If using a machine pin the needles so that they are diagonal across your fold.)
-Sew all the way around using a small stitch.
When you're done it should look like this:

Step 2:                                                             The sleeves 
-measure 2 pieces of elastic so that they fit around your arm
-Sew a wide (about 1/2 inch) stitch all the way around the sleeve in the place you want it to gather.
(if you're using a machine set your stitch wider, aka a gather stitch)
-Pull on one end of the string so that it gathers.
-Pull until it is the circumference of your arm and the same size as the elastic you cut.
-Tie the ends of the string together so that it stays gathered. 
-On the inside of your sleeve pin the elastic where you gathered the sleeve.
-Using a tight stitch, sew the elastic on. 
If you wish you can now remove the thread you gathered the sleeve with.
When you're done it should look like this:

Step 3:                                                 Making the shirt fit!

-Put the shirt on (make sure you've taken all the needles out!)
-Use the sharpie to mark where you want the empire waist to be.
-Take the shirt off and cut all the way around where you marked
- Set the bottom half aside. 
-Take the top half and turn it inside out.
-Place the shirt that fits you centered (with the shoulders lined up) on top of it.
-With your sharpie outline under the arms and down the sides onto your half shirt. 
-The sharpie line that you drew is where you're going to sew. 
with a very tight stitch!
Once it is sewn cut off the excess fabric so that it looks like this:
-turn right side out.
-Try on, if it is still too loose, repeat.
-If you find that the shoulder line is too low on your arms do a gather stitch across the seam on top of your shoulders. Pull until desired length is achieved, then tie string in knots.
It should look like this when complete:

Step 4:                                                      The final step!!
-Gather stitch the top of the lower half.
-Pull until it is the same size as part you cut it from, then tie knots.
-Turn inside out and put around top half so that the sides you want to sew together are touching. Like so:
-Pin together, then sew with a very tight stitch .
-Sew to the opposite side of the edge so that when you flip it over your gather stitch does not show.
-Flip it over: and voila! you're done (:

Would you like more sewing tutorials? 

Are you going to try this one?

Get ready for Outrage

Models, get ready, get set go! You better hurry up and sign up to model for Stardoll's newest fashion line; Outrage. This magazine turned fashion factory is ready for you! 

Model: Bipasha2
Graphic by: rralucaa1996

From this spoiler I can tell that this fashion line will be anything but safe I think it'll be a cute, flirty and a little classy line! So apply right Here !

Anyways, how are you guys? Do you have an modeling tips?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gone, but not forgotten.

Children get older. No one expects to be on Stardoll their whole life. When the time to leave, many well known faces take the opportunity and leave. After being on vacation for 3 weeks I have returned to Dollywood to discover that four major players of the Stardoll modeling world have left.

1. Blair (itgonnarain): Owner of SNTM.XX and judge of MelsModels. She has created many amazing sceneries and will be greatly missed.
Blair's scenery
2. Melanie (Bluegree86): Owner of Stardolls most popular and competitive modeling club MelsModels. 
"It's just the right time for me to move on"-Mel

3. Linus (Dog_Boy96): Linus had many amazing projects (Kharma Empire) and wrote for many amazing blogs such as this one. I know I will miss his posts, and beautiful sceneries! Let's not forget that he came in second in the final cycle of MelsModels. 

4. Kylie (missricopenguin): I think all the followers of this blog have heard of Kylie's departure. She left many things open ended. Lose ends like this blog, and Editorialized's Next Top Model. I am here to try to tie those ends. There is no way for me to put those pieces back together like they were never broken, but I'll do my best.
I am the new owner of this blog. It is a big responsibility and I take it very seriously. 

I do plan to continue Editorialized's Next Top Model, but many things will have to change for me to be able to do that. I have a lot of thinking and compromising to do. But all that I do is to make everyone (you and me) happy. 
I don't do anything half handed, so if I am going to do this, I'm going to do this right.

I hope I do not disappoint.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

modeling-opportunity after modeling-opportunity

I'm wondering why I'm the only one posting here at the moment... sure...  Kylie left, but is it a reason to stop posting on this Blog? I'll go on as usual and share modeling-opportunities and modeling-news with you!

I suspect that it's up to the next Stardoll-Fashion-Week, that there are so many new Fashion-Lines and Modeling-opportunity
- a paradise for every upcoming Stardoll-model...!

So I recoginzed the new Fashionline FLORA by Lige & Larissa
I love the Logo of FLORA,
it looks that fresh and 
full of spirit and summer.
And it also looks like a
promising fashionline.
You maybe know Lige07
from his other projects like 
ICON or IconsNextTopmodel.

Now to my Topic and  area of responsibility - modeling....
FLORA by Lige & Larissa is searching for models to revive the following catwalk:
- all you have to do for appling is to click here
and to give them following informations about you: Name, Age, Experience, A short statement of what you expect of the collection, your Agency (if you are a model of an agency) and the url of your modeling-portfolio. - of course male applications are also desireable


Then there's one more Information 
 for all Stardollmodels
... I yesterday told you about 
- Now there's a big surprise!!!  
- Chloe also founded a Modeling-Agency: FRESH FACE Models

There are already two very well known clients namely the fashionline FEARLESS and the FOREVERCHIC Magazine ... - great news, right?
I think because of Chloes Sence of Success FreshFaceModels also will become very big and successful, so try your luck and apply here for becoming one of the FreshFaceModels ;)


Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fresh Face - new portfolio agency for SD-models

Hei everybody,
do you remember my post about how to create a SD-modeling-portfolio? - If not, reread it here!

There's a new Stardoll-Portfolio-Agency called "THE FRESH FACE" and owned by Chloe (rhfcjnrf).

 They will take most clients, whether they have a standing status as a model or are a new face in the industry, but you must have TALENT and/or POTENTIAL.

This agency creates a sample photo shoot for models to add to their modeling portfolio.

But Remember, this is not a modeling agency with magazine, designer, etc. clients. They simply expand model portfolios with a 'Fresh Face' editorial. 

The price for a photoshoot is 25 stardollers for superstars or 250 starcoins for nonsuperstars for the general 3-photo package: A makeup headshot graphic, a no makeup headshot graphic, and a pose photo.
If you would like just a pose photo that is 15 stardollars or 150 starcoins and if you would like just a makeup or no makeup headshot graphic, it will be 10 stardollars or 100 starcoins.

It looks like the business for Chloe runs very good, because there's following Statement on her Blog:  
"I am now getting bombarded with photoshoot requests in my guestbook and now already have 7 on my to-do list, and counting. That being said, it will take me quite a while to get to everyone's finished and I will become more selective with who I make a photoshoot for." 

And I think everybody will absolutly understand, why there's such a huge number of requests if you once have seen some samples of her Shootings...
Here I picked some of them:

So if you need some Photos for your modeling-portfolio or if you want to become one of the Graphic-designers, or if you simply want to follow her Blog and have a look at the great Shootings she makes, click here


Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Fashion-Lines, two modeling-opportunities and a great Summer-Party!!!

Hi, guess what...!?! - It's me again :P
With new modeling-news for you!

At first there's LarissaVOUGE 

I was a little confused, when I look through the posts of the Fashion-Line, first it looks like the first collection should be inspired by "The Sea of Stars" 
(click on the following picture to enlarge it)

then there has been this message:
(click on the pictured to enlarge)
So you see, I don't really know what the first collection is inspired by, but I like the graphics and the way the collections has been intoduced.

There will be a Runway Party to release the Collection of Summer 2011 in Beautybabe2's guestbook in a few days, so what do you think of it?
will you visit the party? 
I think the Theme "Dolce&Gabbana" is a bit odd...

(click on the picture to enlarge the Party-invitation)
here you can apply as model for the next collection
You have to tell them your Full name, Username and about your experience;)

Then there's FEARLESS a Fashion-Line you might know...

It's owned by Kimberly (xxlovexx) 
and the first collection will appear soon.
This is the first spoiler and I think if you imagine of another background-colour and makeup it might look very nice and special and the intoduction by the designer Kimberly sounds great.
(click on the pic to enlarge)

Also here you've got the chance to become a model of the first collection - click here to apply.
You'll have to tell them your Username and also you have to show them a Pic of your MeDoll with and without MakeUp and tell them about your experience (Portfolio).
8 will be chosen and another 2 will be hand selected by Kimberly herself from the rest of the Stardoll world.

What do you think of them, will you visit the party and will you apply for the modeling-jobs???

Thursday, August 4, 2011

PHOENIX is looking for models

Hei everybody, I've found a great new modeling-opportunity for you! 
PHOENIX - a new Fashion Line owned by ForeverGorgeous 
There aren't much more informations about this Fashion-Line jet, but I think it will become gorgeous...
Click here to apply as model for the first collection!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Show must go on... - great modeling-opportunity

Hei everybody... after the last, sad news - the Show have to go on;) 
so here you get a great modeling-chance!!!

Maybe some of you know the very new Fashion-Line  
ULICA by Nika Pia Oneil !?!
I heard about it today the first time, and when I saw the blog I was fascinated!
The Owner Nika Pia Oneil alias Princess_Kiara1 is a fifteen years old girl from Slovenia. I think she has a lot of talent and creativity and I really, reaaaally adore the Spoiler!
Have a Look at this gorgeous spoiler:

 The Spoiler shows all and everything, that ULICA is!

"The very first collection, Who do you think you are?, consists of mostly loose clothing pieces, which are exposing underwear and making everything slutty, trashy, sexy, inappropriate, but in the same time very rebel. The shoes are different kinds of platformers. The hairstyle is also a huge part of each outfit. ULICA is a fashion brand, inspired by all the rebel people you meet on streets on a daily basis, but it has it's very own bit, which is my own idea of mixing huge, "gangsta" clothing pieces with underwear, and adding them a hint of high fashion. Ofc some clothes are different from the most of collection. There are some tight, playfull dresses and other outstanding pieces."
ULICA is searching for models - a great chance to become a part of this wonderful fashion-line
 (click on the pic above to apply)
Take this Chance;)
Good Luck