Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journal de France - Day 1

The following is not a true story. However I did in fact go to France, and therefore this is inspired by my adventure.

March 18th

"We're sorry for the inconvenience, but the flight from Dollywood to Paris has been delayed 2 hours."
Sighs and groans go off around me. Please, it's just a little rain...
The too white walls, and the overpriced airport food are just about to drive me insane
when a girl around the same age as me comes and sits next to me. 
"Ever been to France before", she asks.
"No, never", I reply.
"Me neither, I jumped at the  chance when a representative from my work was needed for a conference there".
"I'm going for business too!" 
"Really where do you work?"
"I work for Editorialized, maybe you've heard of them?"
"Of course I have! I just work for an architecture firm, but I've always been interested in fashion."
And just like that a new friend was made. Two hours were gone before I knew it and I was one my way to France.

I have to admit that I've always been a little scared of planes. 
It just does not make sense that thousands of pounds of metal can just lift up off the ground.
I try to keep my mind off of this anomaly and focus on the trip ahead of me.
I think back to my conversation with my boss only a few weeks earlier:
"Are you sure you won't need me during Stardoll Fashion Week?"
"Yes, like I've told you, we just hired two new staff members." Kylie reassures me.
"And it's not just a one way ticket right?"
Kylie laughs "And how would you ever help this company wandering around France for the rest of your life?"
"Okay, I guess I'm just freaking out a little."
"That's exactly why I wanted you to go on this trip! You've lived in Dollywood all your life, it's time for you do get a dose of culture."
"That's what fashions all about, right? showing your culture? Who you are?"
Kylie nodds
"But what If I come back completely changed?"
"Then we'll hope it's for the better"
With these thoughts running through my mind, I doze off.
My dreams are filled with strange images of people walking around with mini Eiffel Towers on their heads, and people with Mona Lisa simles. The last thing I recall seeing is Kylie with both of these, waving me good bye, as I board the metro, to be forever lost  in it's darkness.



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First big modeling-job at SFW

Yeah... you see right... it's me modeling for Fanatsy Couture... I'm very new in the modeling-business and I had my first big modeling-job at the SFW for Fantasy Couture... 
So you see... If you are model of a good agency you'll get jobs, greaaat jobs...
A few Days ago Linus (Dog_boy96) a really great artist and stardoll-fashion-designer asked me wether I accept modeling for his fashionline Kharma... YEAH... I'll be a model of Kharma... one of the greatest Fashion-Lines I've ever seen (want to see Kharma??? - click here)
It's great for me to see that even my Doll has Chances to become a great Stardoll-model... and I hope you will see, that with personality, creativity and a unique nature you can become a stardoll-model, too;)
In the next post I will tell you how to create a Portfolio and how to get Pictures for your very own modeling-portfolio;)

Stuff to look forward to...

Hello Fashion lovers,
I would like to inform you of some of the posts that I am preparing for Editorialized! In the near future, you will be reading:

+ Model Profiles
+ Important Fashion Icon Profile (Editors, Stylists, Fashion Critics)
+ Designer Profiles
+ Full review of stardoll magazines including editorials and featured articles
+ Full review of some A/W and S/S collections (includes different opinions from stardoll)
+ Vogue covers and editorials
+ Extras: Miscellaneous fashion-related posts and shopping related posts

Are you excited enough? This will be 100% Fashion concentrated!

Love you,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Model Profile

Model Profile: Alek Wek
Age: 33 years old
Height: 5 ft. 11 inches (app. 1.80m)
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Dress size: 4 (US)
Agency: Storm models, London

Alek Wek is a Sudanese British model whom first appeared on the catwalk in 1995 at the age of 18. She was initially living in Sudan, however, her family fled to Britain in 1991 to escape the civil war. She was first noticed from a music video called GoldenEye by Tina Turner, and so in 1996 she got signed to Ford Models.

Some of her earlier achievements was first getting the award of "Model of the Year" from the 1997 MTV awards. In the very same year, she became the first African model to grace the cover of ELLE magazine.

She has done several advertisements for famous names such as Moschino and Victoria Secrets and she has walked the runway of several famous designers such as John Galliano, Chanel, Donna Karan, as well as appearing as the bride in several collections of Christian Lacroix.

Alek wek certainly is not only a pretty face, she also is a missionary for the World Vision as well as the combat to fight AIDS. She is the ambassador for Doctors Without Borders for Sudan as well as devoting her time for UNICEF (United Nationals Children Fund).

Here are some photo-shoot and still images of her on the runway:

Which model profile do you want to see next time?

With love,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Let's talk graphics-SFW Magazines

While SFW has released some amazing couture lines, I have to admit that my guilty pleasure is seeing all the magazines!

Many have just amazing graphics! Just by looking at them you can see how much effort was put into them!
The 2 magazines who's graphics stood out the most to me were Runway's and Forever Chic's.

I really loved Runway's Perfume editorials:
 They're just adorable, and flawless!

As For Forever Chic, these are the standouts to me:
I love the nautical mixed with all the splashes of color!
I love the spring feel to this, and the color of the skirt in contrast to the background.
I really love this dress and the pose is so cute!

However there were some magazines that were not up to par.

Cyanide was one of these to me. The graphics were on the simple side and lacked some of the realism and depth that the 2 magazines above brought to the table.

A couple of the poses were simple like this
and the hair seemed very stiff. 
Overall I just wasn't very impressed with the graphics.

And now on to what I see to be the greatest disappointment: Red Lips Magazine  

There is just so many things wrong with this cover image. 
First of all the body is obviously a picture and not a graphic!
Secondly the covergirlis suposed to be me (liajm) and looks nothing like me!
A big rule in modeling is not to change your skin tone-so what is up with this cover!

I think the cover is the worst part, because honestly there are some nice parts to it.
I liked the beauty segment and some of the graphic are pretty cute:

UPDATE: if you read the last page of Red Lips Magazine there is an apology in which it states that her computer broke down and she had to make the whole magazine in ONE DAY. Wow that really puts things into perspective...

Anyways, what did you think of the SFW Magazines?

Spoiler (:

Sunday, March 27, 2011


As I promised last time, I'll tell you a little about Stardoll's most famous modeling agencies ...
many models are right now on the catwalks of Stardoll Fashion Week.
The two modeling agencies I want to introduce are choosing their models not by a complex competition but applications. If you're choosen, you have to sign a contract with the agency which contains certain agreements. So, for example, we only may change our face-proberties in consultation with the agency.
The big advantage of this modeling agencies is that they work together with certain clients, which means that as a model you've got very high chances to directly appear in a magazine, on a catwalk or on a flyer.
Now to the agencies...

at first we've got Elite.Models a modeling-agency presented by Elite.Entertainment and owned by EliteNews:
To quote
"Elite Entertainment is opening a modeling agency. ELITEmodels is unlike most agencies in Stardoll. We manage the career of our models by helping them find work, establish thier very own portfolio and have them sign a lucrative contract that will assure them that ELITEmodels will diffidently live up to the plate with their modeling career."

Then we've got Tyler's Top Models a modeling-agency owned by Tylerisbold
to quote:
"Tyler's Top Models is a modeling agency. We manage up-and-coming, aspiring models to reach their goal of becoming a fresh, elite subject (model) in the cutthroat industry of Stardoll fashion. Once represented by us, you can achieve instant fame. We control your destiny as a model. It is our responsibility to find you work, and finding work is what we will do. While all of that may sound exhilarating, that installment comes after you have been happily signed to the agency. With that being said, approval from us is crucial."
If you are interested in modeling then try your Luck and apply ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fashion Week Favourites

So far, four days of Fashion Week have gone by with some amazing collections. I mean, the talent on Stardoll is just amazing!

The fashion is amazing, the graphics outstanding, and I've even been lucky enough to be a model in a couple collections. :D

Here are my favourites so far:

Love the pants! - from Kharma.


The Opposition

Fiancee du Vampire

Wonderland of E - RTW

I could probably feature every one of WOE's design, by far it's my favourite. But who know's, we have a couple more days of SFW to go. ;)
I really wish there were more magazine releases though! I love a good magazine and so far we have only seen Cyanide.

What do you think? Who are your favourites?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SFW reviews : Day 1

Long time no see, eh? Sorry all, I was really busy with Fantasy, you can see the collection today... And I'm sorry that review is late, I thought I want to make it complete so I didn't finished yesterday :D Hope it's ok.
Also, I would like to tell you about my reviews. I will be talking about collection, whats wrong and whats right, about the models, make-up, hairstyles,etc., chosing my favorite outfit, and... the model of the night - the girl, who absolutely rocked her outfit in collection!

Let's start - SFW day 2!
Kharma by Linus Leonardsson:

The colour palette of dark green, lavander/light pink and grey looks cozy and warm. The clothes are definetely something I would wear in real life, also, the shoes are awesome! Altought graphics quality is good, not the best but good and there are only 6 pieces, collection is great.

There were only three models: .pease. , missricopenguin and yoTOO
Hairstyles are really simple, but they give a touch of carelessness and elegance. Kylie's (missricopenguin) pink hair is working very well with outfits (or maybe outfits are working well with her hair..)

Make-up wasnn't really original, but it looks great here, and as I am fan of heavy cheekbones I was satisfied with it.

I also think that designs look awesome on light skin, but dark brown just.. doesn't work.

The best outfit:
I chose this, because I am completely inlove with the pants, I would loooove to have them in real life!

The worst outfit:
Sorry, but that green dress with no form just doesn't fits here.. It's not that bad, it was actually hard to choose the worst, but I think that's the one.
The model of the night is...

You definetely rock Kharma's runway, the pale skin, pink hair, dark make-up and heavy cheekbones were as good as it could be for this collection. Congratulations!

Full collection :

BYS fashion line by Tonia Dems and Amanda O'Neill

This one definetely was my favorite of the night. Of course, that's not something for wearing in real life, but come on, that's a couture! The royal blue and blood red with black, grey, white and a touch of green looks weird, but amazing. The touch-the-sky shoes don't look really good, but they complete whole outfit and make outfits crazy, weird and couture.

Models : Syligirl, shake-something, .pease., Pauo-Watson, gabby1822, anoO_, Jay.Pattinson and pizzaqueen1

I'm dissapointed about the make-up, because it's too simple for an awesome couture line and the looks are too different. Anyways, I'm completely inlove with hairstyles, even if most of them are simple too. The first ones get me thinking about something futuristic, or circus-ish, I think that was the main idea.

The best outfit:
It was REALLY hard to choose, seriously! I also loved the blue dress with baloon skirt. But this one left me speechless, it's definetely high fashion, great design, and wonderful colors combination.

The worst outfit:

The pattern on the red part of dress looks nothing but weird and not really good, also, the wings just doesn't fit here, sorry.
Model of the night :

.pease. ! Congratulations! Your make-up was stunning and fierce, also, that blue long dress looks like created to you, you are definetely rocking it!

Full collection :

Extraordinary by Eamonn Collins and Kimberly Dean

First off, good things. I think that collection pieces were nicely matched together and I really like the colour combination - golden, purple and black works together. Now let's get to the not-so-good things.
The quality of graphics isn't really good. The 75% of designs are plain and unoriginal, sorry if it may sound rude. Also, the shoes without sole looks pretty weird. Looks like you forgot to draw it!

What about models, the names are Vinnie99, Zoe_Couture, Mery.-, Hotangel9 and Tijanu6. I like that all the models has similar make-up and hairstyles.

The best outfit:
Probably the first one, just because it stands out from the others and it's original enough. Even the graphics aren't the best, I love the bottom part of it!
The worst outfit:

Honestly, it wasn't hard to choose. The most plain, simplest and weird shaped outfit wins. Sorry again.
The model of the night:

ZOE_couture! Congratulations! I loved how you look in that hairstyle!
Complete collection :

That's it, keep your eyes open for Fantasy couture (hihihi), Monster (though I'm not sure if I will review magazines) and WOE couture by Emily Vaine reviews!