Friday, October 5, 2012

It Would Be Nice If You Read This

I don't know. I just feel oddly nostalgic.
I really don't know if this is the right place to put this, and I know this blog is deteriorating (if anyone is interested in restoring it, feel free and message me, if not, well I don't mind too much if it just sits quietly as a memoir to my past obsessions),  but for some reason I just feel nostalgic.
It probably doesn't help that I just read 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' (which is amazing, go read it, or reread) and it's just made me think so much for some odd reason.
And then I realised that it had been a year since I officially 'quit' Stardoll, and really it feels so much longer. In that time I've taken my first every real exams, learnt to drive, gone to parties, became obsessed with models like Cara Delevingne and Daphne Groeneveld and I think, have grown up so much.
Which is probably great for me, considering I'm 16 and I only have a year left of high school, I don't regret at all leaving.

But then I realised that it was 2+ years ago when I was beginning to get into the stardoll 'scene'. I remember being 14 and thinking it was all so cool. I found these gossip blogs and trawled through their posts because I found how interesting the dynamics of this world was. I wanted in so badly. So I created a nightclub, The French Flamingo, if anyone remembers. And I remember being so excited because I had met two amazing people who wanted to help me. Maria and Vasia, who became two of my closest friends. I really liked them, they were so nice and came from the other side of the world and I thought they were so cool (which they are).
I really liked my nightclub, but it was so crazy. The first party I remember having was a killer. People showed up, had fun. Mind you, this was with the 'old' guestbooks, when it was so much easier to have parties. Literally 3 days after the party, stardoll changed and it was so much more difficult to have them. I detested the tinychat parties, they didn't feel like 'real' stardoll parties. The nightclub ended up becoming defunct I suppose. It was kind of ridiculous for me to get up at 4am to host a party.
That ended but I still had my modeling club. Which I loved. I'm a big fan of modelling, but I could never be a model myself. My love of modeling, fashion and photography developed into this blog. It was really meant to showcase stardoll talent and real models in real life.

I don't really know why I'm writing this, but as I said, I feel oddly nostalgic. There really is no need for this post, but this blog hardly posts anyways.

I will however leave some food for thought:
From what I can tell, so many people are leaving stardoll, no one seems to really be creating new blogs, or posting on old ones. It really seems quite boring and different to how it was a few years ago. However, no one is going to post if they do not see responses. Which, if you wish for this community to continue on, you should do. Comment on blog posts, new magazines, fashion line, whatever; all, this encourages the blogger to continue writing. Give love, criticism or hate. No one is going to continue creating new things if no one seems to care (well, on Stardoll anyways, this may not apply to real life.)
If you really want this whole world or whatever to be interesting and have fresh new things, be proactive about it and do something! Encourage others, comment and have your say on anything, it gets the conversation rolling, as more often than not, people just give up on their projects (and they could one day be amazing), if no one seems to care.

Anyways, that's all I feel the need to write.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Online Shopping Will Be My Death

Not sure what's happening with the writers here, but I do get that Stardoll is boring and writing for a Stardoll based blog is not everyone's cup of (green) tea.
Anyways, I don't like seeing this blog go to waste, it is after all my baby, so I'm contemplating making a post (if this get's published you'll no I ended up posting it), I was going to do a rant on life without Stardoll and how much better it is and blah blah blah but I've decided against it. (However if you must know, it's quite good and I have a life.)

Instead I'll leave you with the results of my constant trawling the internet for beautiful clothes and things I want to buy;

It's so pretty, no? Perfect for partyin' in ;). However tis' too cold in Australia to be wearing it without anything underneath at the moment, but what do you think?

But then again I am desperate for some Jeffrey Campbell Lita's...

Aren't they hot? *sigh*

But I would also love some Black Milk leggings...

Which are so amazing (and Australian made).
Decisions decisions, tell me what you think! Should I make a purchase, or are my ideas of pretty things actually as bad as my obsession with Instagram?

Catch me on tumblr and shoot me a message if you like :) @

ciao amigos,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Make it worth your while!

I don't know if you read my recent post about Prom on MDM, but it was something I wrote before attending my Senior Prom (there is also a junior prom at my school, and so they insist that senior prom is called Senior Ball). I wrote that post when I was feeling rather pessimistic about the upcoming prom. I think you can tell from the post that I absolutely loath the way people dance at prom where I live (apparently it's different in other places, thank god). However after attending Senior Ball I found that there are many ways to make prom worth your while! The number one thing that I did that kept me looking forward to prom was making my own dress:

I has been such a long process, but once people at my school found out about it, they were so sportive, and of course made me feel beautiful the night of. Now I'm not saying that you have to make your own dress to make prom (or a similar occasion) worth your while. I just think you should be invested in your look! Don't feel bad going to to a couple different places to find the PERFECT dress. Another thing that completed the look was getting my hair done!

Now this is all post prom prep. So what makes the actual day fantastic?
  • Going as a group. Get a limo or a party bus, and just have fun! 
  •  Having an Awesome Venue! I'm not sure how much control you personally have over this, but my prom was at an aquarium/museum type place, and it was fantastic because you got to see fishies and penguins, and take pictures with fake zebras (:
lol, my friend being silly
Over all these 2 small things made prom much better for me this year! For those of you who are looking forward to prom next year, or many years form now, enjoy it! Don't make it a task, and don't stress out about it (:

Monday, May 7, 2012

The New Agency in Town!

Hey guys! TTT Fashion and Modeling Agency  (created by Ladygagamcqueen) is one of stardoll's newest modeling agency and it's the first ever fashion agency that enable their models to have a voice. This agency allows their models to post about modeling jobs, thoughts and, their outfits! Owners of magazines, fashion lines, etc. not only get to view a models portfolio but, they go beyond the face and get to really know the model! 

They are currently looking for more models, so Apply Here! 
Till next time,

Sopilers in the Midst!

Here are two new spoilers for you to ogle at:


This is the 4th issue of Monster Magazine, and I have to say it looks very promising!

Forever Chic:

After a little bit of drama, Forever Chic Magazine is making a comeback! What do you think?

PS: Just saw this too! Spring will be an exciting time for SD Magazines!

Here is the spoiler that was released April 26th:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rising Stardoll Magazine: Vogue

Vogue Magazine owned by Lollypopsa has been rising since its debut in March. Since then, there have been 3 releases in total, one for each month. The magazines have fantastic graphics, but to counteract that, they have minimal articles. The CG isn't really featured with an interview, which I found disappointing. However, it's a great opportunity for aspiring models out there, as you can apply to be a model for the magazine!

Here is the cover of the latest issue:

I love the look! Collars and sweaters with skirts is adorable! I also think the hair is really nicely done. And can you say awwooo?! What an amazing wolf! Here's another one from the march issue:

I think fur is one of the hardest things to do in a graphic, and this is quite excellently done! She even translated it to this fur scarf/vest:

I really like the edginess to this look, it all goes together really well. Here's another look I adore:

Overall I think Vogue is a magazine to watch! It certainly has great style, and displays great talent! What do you think?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Features

Editorialized's has begun to reveal some new and exciting features! The first of which is an application for media partners. You'll see the application on a page when you click the above tab that says "Media Partners". Project partners are great ways to help each other out. If you are selected as a media partner, you will see posts about your project/blog right here.

Another new feature is that we now have a question page! On this page you can ask questions about anything related to fashion and/or modeling in the real world and on stardoll. Your questions will be answered in the form of posts.

The final thing (for now!) that has been (partially) revealed is the Editorialized Hall of Fame. This is a particular new project that I am quite excited about. I will reveal more details about the Hall of Fame when the first person has been inducted into it. Do you have any guesses about what it is?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrate: Makeover and Finale!

We're celebrating here at Editorialized, and we want you to join us! Our blog has just received a beautiful makeover from the rising graphic designer Lovegossip4life. What do you think?
 The Make over is...

Along with our makeover, Editorialized will be revealing new and exciting competitions, awards, and segments that will make this blog the best that it can be! But for now we have some unfinished business: The cycle finale of:

After months of competition and elimination, only two contestants remain:

Elle Rose

 "Despite her many different looks I can always tell it's her"-BrunoExclusive
" Her sceneries have different colors in them, making them unique, but they also have something in each of them that pulls them all together." -Starsyd3333


Elizabeth Black
"Her sceneries are diverse and colorful, which keeps it interesting."-Starsyd3333
"She is capable of playing any emotion into her sceneries, and that diversity is so important." -Liajm 

For the finale ENTM is traveling! 
You have voted, and the results are in.

We are going to FRANCE!

France is a beautiful country with great culture, fashion, and history. I kept this in mind when choosing the two parts to the final task. Without further ado, here they are:

A Historic Moment
France has had many famous historic moments.
Such as the young Jean D'Arc who lead them to victory hundreds of years ago.
  Or when Marie Antoinette allegedly said "Let them eat cake".

Your task is to find a moment (any moment!) in the history of France, and turn it into a captivating scenery. The judges will be paying close attention to atmosphere, and your ability to tell a story through your scenery for this part of the task. 

A Fashion Ad
Being a model always comes back to selling a product. In this part of the task, you must create a scenery based on an existing fashion ad of a french designer's line/fragrance. 
There is the ever classic Coco Chanel 

The vibrant Hermes

The stunning Dior
And so many more.
Chose one that suits you, or takes your fancy. For this part of the task the judges will be paying close attention to your posing, and ability to "sell" and item. 

Your two sceneries are due by May 13th. 
The best of luck to both of you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you a fashion Star?

When you're a fashion designer, a meeting with a buyer is the most important thing in the world. Buyers are what make your designs know, and seen across the world. The television show Fashion Star takes hopeful designers, and allows them to put on a fashion show once a week in front of potential buyers.

Designs like this clever zipper skirt are bought by stores and then sold in popular places like Saks 5th avenue!

It's a dream come true for any designer! It's too bad that the designers have already been picked...but wait! You too can become a Fashion Star! Elite-Girl's new competition "Stardoll's Fashion Star" is giving everyone on stardoll the opportunity to have their designs be known! Maybe you're wondering, how does this work?

-Each designer will submit an outfit they designed. The outfit you submitted must come with an description of the outfit and hopefully colored, but not required.
- Judges/Mentors will choice their favorite. Retailers will choose their favorites. I, your host will consider their favorites and create a top three for the audience to chose the winner of the week.
-Along with choosing a favorite, the mentors and retailers will also choose their least favorite. I will again, consider who they've chosen and I will create a bottom 3. When the bottom three is chosen the mentors will be allowed to save one person from the group, leaving the final decision to the retailers.

And if you win? You get...

The title of Stardoll's Fashion Star.
Blog Interviews
& more to reveal at a later date.

All you have to do is apply at the blog. And you could become 

the fist Stardoll Fashion Star!



Saturday, March 24, 2012

200 Followers! (and news)

I would really like to thank all of our followers here at Editorialized! Each and every one of you are what keeps this blog going.

Since you have given me good news, I'll share with you some of my good news! We have officially begun remodeling the blog. I have hired Lindsey (Lovegossip4life) to be the official graphic designer. She has a lot of experience with making graphics such as graphics for BBS like this one:

She has been showing me her progress and I am very pleased with it! I cannot wait to show you all, but for now you'll just has to hold tight.

On to other good news. I am very honored to say that Editorialized has been nominated on The Stardollian Gala.

It seems so crazy to see our name among the best and biggest blogs of stardoll.

Some other news is that we have our final 2 contestants of Editorialized's Next Top Model! They are:

Elizabeth Black (Jelizeveta123)

Elle Rose (Rockinellee)

If you remember, we were supposed to be at our top 3 at this point, but unfortunately both MMAlovergirl and Iovanca were forced to drop out due to their real life situations. So this leaves us with our top two! Once all the feedback from their portfolios is received, I will post it here, and announce the final task.

I have some very exciting things planed for when we get the new layout, so stick around!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quick cheats for when you're rushed for school

Hey guys! 
I've just started my first year at high-school in January, and it's been alot of fun so far with new friends and classes and asdfghjkl! But it takes up alot more energy than primary school and you do not even want to know how many times I've been late to homeform so far. 
I know that some girls in older grades seem really rushed and stressed at school, so I'm here to give you some quick cheats for things you don't have time to do anymore ^____^

#1: You haven't washed your hair in foreeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrr.
Use dry shampoo. As the name suggests, it acts like shampoo, but there's no need to use water whatsoever. 
Shampoo rinses and washes away sebum and dirt, while dry shampoo only absorbs it, and then you comb the shampoo out, so it is still necessary to shampoo and rinse your hair, dry shampoo is for when you just don't have enough time or your hair seems especially oily. 
I would recommend Batiste Dry Shampoo [comes in different smells, very cheap] and Klorane Oat Milk Dry shampoo [a tad more expensive, some reviews says smell is disgusting, works well].

#2: You've just finished PE, you're late for your next class and you look like a giant mess. 
You don't have enough time to shower and you're mascara and eyeliners running, and you look like a stinky, sad little panda. No worries, just clean up your look a bit with these quick items: Firstly, put in some dry shampoo in the oily parts of your hair, and then tie your hair back up into a high ponytail, to avoid getting even dirtier. Use a facial wipe to clean makeup away and to remove dirt and oil from your face so you won't get clogged pores which leads to pimples. I recommend using Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes.
Then use some body wipes for 'down there', but be sure to buy a reliable brand which will be gentle for your skin. Finally, use deodorant [duhh]. If you sweat alot, use a 'specialty' roll-on deodorant, and then spritz your favourite smelling deodorant all over your body, and you should be good to go!

#3: Not enough time in the morning to do your normal makeup routine?
Improvise a little to save yourself time, if you don't have time to put on foundation, use a tinted moisturiser instead [pick your favourite brand]. If you really don't have time to put on your mascara and eyeliner, try tightlining your eyes for a more natural but still effective look. Tightlining is where you only line your lash-base,  not your waterline. Line the skin where your lashes come from, but only line to the middle of your eye, not to the inner corner. Also, put on some creme blush in the car and double it as lip-colour, or just use a tinted lip-balm.

Well, there you go!
Three easy ways to save time when you're in a rush for school. 
Leave me some loveletters in the comments telling me what you think!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skin care - A Must!

Hello lovelies! This is a post I did for my personal blog but I think many people here might find it useful, so here it is:

Growing up is hard enough with out having to stress out about your teeth, your skin, your hair, and your clothes! Unfortunately I cannot help you with your teeth, that is between you and your orthodontist. But I can help you with the other 3. In this post I will talk about skin care. It sounds simple, and it is! A good skin cleansing routine makes all the difference.

In the morning:

-Wash your face with an oil-free face wash
-If you take a shower in the morning, wash your face in the shower!
-After your face is clean put on face lotion/moisturizer with a minimum spf of 15
-These steps will help keep your skin soft, and oil free!


At school:

-If your skin tends to get oily through out the day, bring a pack of blotting paper/oil absorbing sheets
-If your skin dries out, bring your face moisturizer
-If your face gets red or blotchy, bring some mineral powder
-Bring a (reusable) water bottle and sip throughout the day. It will keep your skin hydrated 

Before bed:
-Wash your face again
-Put a  damp white wash cloth in the microwave for 10seconds, and use it to wash off your face wash. Hot water makes all the difference
-Use an "on the spot" treatment for troubled areas
-Keep your hair off your face and back while you sleep

This should be your daily routine if you want to have amazing skin (:
Along with this daily routine you should also use a scrub 3 times a week, and a face mask once a month.

Products I recommend:

Clean start:

This line has just about everything you need. It has a face wash, a scrub, an on the spot treatment, face lotion, and more! It can be found at most fine retail stores (such a beauty centers).

Masks from lush are amazing! I highly recommend them (:

Oil absorbing sheets:

These are my savior at school! I make sure I always have them on me so that if my skin starts to get oily, I can wipe it away with out wiping off any make-up.

Mineral Powder:

If you're looking for a cover-up, this is it! It woks flawlessly without clogging pores.

I hope that this was helpful to you, and may you and your skin live happily ever after (: