Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skin care - A Must!

Hello lovelies! This is a post I did for my personal blog but I think many people here might find it useful, so here it is:

Growing up is hard enough with out having to stress out about your teeth, your skin, your hair, and your clothes! Unfortunately I cannot help you with your teeth, that is between you and your orthodontist. But I can help you with the other 3. In this post I will talk about skin care. It sounds simple, and it is! A good skin cleansing routine makes all the difference.

In the morning:

-Wash your face with an oil-free face wash
-If you take a shower in the morning, wash your face in the shower!
-After your face is clean put on face lotion/moisturizer with a minimum spf of 15
-These steps will help keep your skin soft, and oil free!


At school:

-If your skin tends to get oily through out the day, bring a pack of blotting paper/oil absorbing sheets
-If your skin dries out, bring your face moisturizer
-If your face gets red or blotchy, bring some mineral powder
-Bring a (reusable) water bottle and sip throughout the day. It will keep your skin hydrated 

Before bed:
-Wash your face again
-Put a  damp white wash cloth in the microwave for 10seconds, and use it to wash off your face wash. Hot water makes all the difference
-Use an "on the spot" treatment for troubled areas
-Keep your hair off your face and back while you sleep

This should be your daily routine if you want to have amazing skin (:
Along with this daily routine you should also use a scrub 3 times a week, and a face mask once a month.

Products I recommend:

Clean start:

This line has just about everything you need. It has a face wash, a scrub, an on the spot treatment, face lotion, and more! It can be found at most fine retail stores (such a beauty centers).

Masks from lush are amazing! I highly recommend them (:

Oil absorbing sheets:

These are my savior at school! I make sure I always have them on me so that if my skin starts to get oily, I can wipe it away with out wiping off any make-up.

Mineral Powder:

If you're looking for a cover-up, this is it! It woks flawlessly without clogging pores.

I hope that this was helpful to you, and may you and your skin live happily ever after (:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ENTM: Task 5

Only four contestants remain.
Iovanca, Rockinellee, Jelizaveta123 and MMAlovergirl.

The previous tasks have tested your limits, and shown use your strengths.
Now it's time to see the whole picture.
Who are you as a model, and do you have what it takes to make it?

Your task this week it to create a portfolio of 3-6 sceneries and a head shot. It should be one page, and in a direct link. It should also have your name and user name on it. Be as creative as possible in presenting these works to your advantage. Once you have completed your portfolio, put the link in the comments of this post.

Your portfolio will be sent out to 3 Go-sees who will critique your work, and give you advice on how to make it in the industry.

The three go-sees are:

Missricopenguin (Kylie)
Bluegreen86 (Mel)
Brunoexclusive (Bruno)

They all work in various parts of the modeling industry, and/or have had previous experience critiquing and giving advice to help models thrive.

The model with the best "rating" from the go-sees and the judges will be the task winner. The one with the lowest rating will be going home, and will not be traveling with the top three.

Portfolio due:
February 8th