Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Features

Editorialized's has begun to reveal some new and exciting features! The first of which is an application for media partners. You'll see the application on a page when you click the above tab that says "Media Partners". Project partners are great ways to help each other out. If you are selected as a media partner, you will see posts about your project/blog right here.

Another new feature is that we now have a question page! On this page you can ask questions about anything related to fashion and/or modeling in the real world and on stardoll. Your questions will be answered in the form of posts.

The final thing (for now!) that has been (partially) revealed is the Editorialized Hall of Fame. This is a particular new project that I am quite excited about. I will reveal more details about the Hall of Fame when the first person has been inducted into it. Do you have any guesses about what it is?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrate: Makeover and Finale!

We're celebrating here at Editorialized, and we want you to join us! Our blog has just received a beautiful makeover from the rising graphic designer Lovegossip4life. What do you think?
 The Make over is...

Along with our makeover, Editorialized will be revealing new and exciting competitions, awards, and segments that will make this blog the best that it can be! But for now we have some unfinished business: The cycle finale of:

After months of competition and elimination, only two contestants remain:

Elle Rose

 "Despite her many different looks I can always tell it's her"-BrunoExclusive
" Her sceneries have different colors in them, making them unique, but they also have something in each of them that pulls them all together." -Starsyd3333


Elizabeth Black
"Her sceneries are diverse and colorful, which keeps it interesting."-Starsyd3333
"She is capable of playing any emotion into her sceneries, and that diversity is so important." -Liajm 

For the finale ENTM is traveling! 
You have voted, and the results are in.

We are going to FRANCE!

France is a beautiful country with great culture, fashion, and history. I kept this in mind when choosing the two parts to the final task. Without further ado, here they are:

A Historic Moment
France has had many famous historic moments.
Such as the young Jean D'Arc who lead them to victory hundreds of years ago.
  Or when Marie Antoinette allegedly said "Let them eat cake".

Your task is to find a moment (any moment!) in the history of France, and turn it into a captivating scenery. The judges will be paying close attention to atmosphere, and your ability to tell a story through your scenery for this part of the task. 

A Fashion Ad
Being a model always comes back to selling a product. In this part of the task, you must create a scenery based on an existing fashion ad of a french designer's line/fragrance. 
There is the ever classic Coco Chanel 

The vibrant Hermes

The stunning Dior
And so many more.
Chose one that suits you, or takes your fancy. For this part of the task the judges will be paying close attention to your posing, and ability to "sell" and item. 

Your two sceneries are due by May 13th. 
The best of luck to both of you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you a fashion Star?

When you're a fashion designer, a meeting with a buyer is the most important thing in the world. Buyers are what make your designs know, and seen across the world. The television show Fashion Star takes hopeful designers, and allows them to put on a fashion show once a week in front of potential buyers.

Designs like this clever zipper skirt are bought by stores and then sold in popular places like Saks 5th avenue!

It's a dream come true for any designer! It's too bad that the designers have already been picked...but wait! You too can become a Fashion Star! Elite-Girl's new competition "Stardoll's Fashion Star" is giving everyone on stardoll the opportunity to have their designs be known! Maybe you're wondering, how does this work?

-Each designer will submit an outfit they designed. The outfit you submitted must come with an description of the outfit and hopefully colored, but not required.
- Judges/Mentors will choice their favorite. Retailers will choose their favorites. I, your host will consider their favorites and create a top three for the audience to chose the winner of the week.
-Along with choosing a favorite, the mentors and retailers will also choose their least favorite. I will again, consider who they've chosen and I will create a bottom 3. When the bottom three is chosen the mentors will be allowed to save one person from the group, leaving the final decision to the retailers.

And if you win? You get...

The title of Stardoll's Fashion Star.
Blog Interviews
& more to reveal at a later date.

All you have to do is apply at the blog. And you could become 

the fist Stardoll Fashion Star!