Thursday, September 1, 2011

Editorialized Revamp

I have recently realized that this blog is in desperate need of a revamp.
Unfortunately this not the same blog as it was before. Many of the writers have left stardoll, and it is very unfortunate. However the only thing we can do from here is move forward. Hopefully to bigger and better things!

I have a small checklist of things that need to be changed/updated:

-The Writers: I am looking to hire a few new writes who would like to write about anything to do with fashion and modeling in the real world and on stardoll. If you are interested fill out this form:
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized:
Along with looking at submissions I will also be scouting for writers, so if a message from me pops up that may be why. I really think this blog has so much potential, and I want to make the best of it. 

-Editorialized's Next Top Model: I am currently in planing mode for cycle 1! Yes it will be happening! I will not reveal much to you about it yet, but I will tell you that the wonderful Maggie (aka findurlove) has joined me on the judging panel! There is at least one other judge that will be revealed (along with the details of cycle 1) at a later date.

-A Blog Makeover: Do you think we need one? I do like Kylie's smiling face on the banner, but I don't want this blog to become out dated...Let me know what your opinion is on the subject

To new beginnings, 



Anonymous said...

Well...Since this blog is about "Fashion" I think you should have a make-over to do with the latest trends.

lilsha123 said...

Name: Shannon (lilsha123)
Experience: (no longer writing here, life became hectic) (makeup writer) (my beginner magazine)
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: I love this blog! Is there really anything else I can say? It is so fun and creative. I love doing crafty things (so I especially loved that T-shirt tutorial) and making sceneries on Stardoll (even though I am not that good) Thanks for the opportunity :)

Be Cool said...

Yes, redo the blog. BUT don't let some crap a*s graphic designer screw it up with second rate work. Find someone who is skilled. I unfollow blogs that burn my retinas with busy backgrounds and awful page banners.
(e.g. perez hilton and their horridly tacky copy/paste disco ball disaster) Anyways, good luck! :D

Raina/Bipasha2 said...

Name: Raina
Age: 15
Experience: I am currently a writer for The Stardoll Uprising, where I cover culture and trends from different countries. I am also working for PMM (Poloroid Model Management) Where I scout and manage models.
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: This blog is one of those rare ones that I check out every single day. And I'm let down w hen I don't see daily posts. This blog is too precious to me and others for it to finish. I'd love to be a part of such an iconic corporation. It gave me the introduction to modeling.

ashton eramya said...

Name: Ashton
Age: 16
Experience: I first started my writing career in early 2007 for ...Singstar... 's blog (I can't remember the name). I remember writing for it for over a year, then I was a writer for Stardoll Fashion Passion, then have made many of my own blogs since and have been a guest blogger on many websits (PSG). I also have my own magazine, Reckless.
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: It's been such a long time since I've written for a blog people actually like to read and I'd love to reboot my whole career and I feel that Editorialized can offer that today because three things I love are models, stardoll and fashion.

Kaami1990 said...

Name: Nöur Grande. (Username : Kaami1990)
Age: 15 soon to be 16.

Experience: writer)

Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: I love this blog it's always been a dream of mine to write here, this blog is absolutely amazing and it'd be a dream come true to write here, writing is my passion.

xoxo Nöur G.

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

good luck to everyone!

if you're not already following me you could if you want to and i'll follow you back.^^

my blog♥mfashionfreak

SIMS2BABExXx7 said...

Name: Billi-Dee
Age: Twelve (almost thirteen)
I also wrote for L'amour de stardoll but the blog is now gone.
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: I absolutely love this blog and I love writing since I'm hoping to become an author one day. I'm active on Stardoll and I enjoy writing for blogs.

Arianna said...

Name: Arianna Carle (ariannacarle)
Age: 16
Experience: Previously wrote for various blogs and owned a few blogs of my own. I also own Poison Magazine.
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: I am obsessed with fashion. And love to write. Writing for this blog would combine the best of both worlds. I'm pretty active on Stardoll and am constantly reading fashion magazines in real life, so always know what's going on with SD and RL fashion. Writing for this blog would just be an amazing opprotunity.

Clary said...

Name: Clary [popcornDaisy]
Age: 13
Experience: I have written for my school newsletter and I am an advocate for proper spelling and gramar. I have written for several blogs about Stardoll : and Both of these blogs dont have much effor put into them but if you need a well written, counstructed and bautiful post I would be happy to write one for you on either blog. Just contact me at Stardoll [popcornDaisy]
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: I think Editorialized needs a fresh new face, somone unknown and not popular. I newer member, not too new, but a member that can show the new ways of Stardoll instead of living n the past. I dont post about freebies and spoilers, but the real Stardoll. I am oppionated especially when it comes to over-pricing on rares, covergirl, and how we treat non-ss vs. ss vs. Royalty. I know a network of talented dolls and Im not all about the gossip. I constantly check this blog and it is one of my favourties. I know fashion, real fashion, not what the models are wearing, not what we cant afford, but real fashion, fashion off the streets, popular trends and more. I think this is important to have.

I really hope you consider me for this oppurnity, I feel that if I contribute to this amazing blog, we together could make it even better.

Gabby1822 said...

Name:Henna Diamond (a.k.a. Gabby)
Experience:I've been a spoiler presenter for, and many more and I was a writer for and I currently post for and I have had experience with stardoll modeling comps.
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: This is my passion and I what I look forward to on stardoll. When I hear about different modeling oppurtunities and new projects I get excited about it! So I would be excited for what I'm writing about on this blog because it's everything I love!! I love fashion and modeling and reviewing fashion magazines! I also have experience with modeling scenery comps on stardoll and I know all about it. I would make sure to post about new upcoming projects either in stardoll or real life.I understand what the theme and material of this blog is about and I can deliver.This would be my dream job because this is the reason I log onto stardoll.I hope you take me into consideration :)

Mursal12345 said...

Name: stardoll: mursal12345 REAL name: mary
Age: 13
Experience: I have written for 3 blogs before (, and my own blog
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialize: I would like to write for this blog because,I LOVE fashion!It would be amazing to write for a blog such as this.Hope you could consider :)

Fiorama said...

Name: Morika
Stardoll Name: Fiorama
Age: 14
Experience: wrote for two blogs, hired for Ghandoora the Boss. Quit after too many writers wanted my job.
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: Love writing, and this looks like a fun magazine. :)

Maricela/10notaskater10 said...

Name: My nickname is Maricela
Age: I don't want to tell.
Experience: &
And if this counts, tumblr:
Reasons for wanting to be a writer for Editorialized: I want to become writer because I LOVE fashion anything! I love seeing others fashion in stardoll and real life. Fashion is just very interesting to me, and I would be able to share my and as well as others fashion senses here.