Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skin care - A Must!

Hello lovelies! This is a post I did for my personal blog but I think many people here might find it useful, so here it is:

Growing up is hard enough with out having to stress out about your teeth, your skin, your hair, and your clothes! Unfortunately I cannot help you with your teeth, that is between you and your orthodontist. But I can help you with the other 3. In this post I will talk about skin care. It sounds simple, and it is! A good skin cleansing routine makes all the difference.

In the morning:

-Wash your face with an oil-free face wash
-If you take a shower in the morning, wash your face in the shower!
-After your face is clean put on face lotion/moisturizer with a minimum spf of 15
-These steps will help keep your skin soft, and oil free!


At school:

-If your skin tends to get oily through out the day, bring a pack of blotting paper/oil absorbing sheets
-If your skin dries out, bring your face moisturizer
-If your face gets red or blotchy, bring some mineral powder
-Bring a (reusable) water bottle and sip throughout the day. It will keep your skin hydrated 

Before bed:
-Wash your face again
-Put a  damp white wash cloth in the microwave for 10seconds, and use it to wash off your face wash. Hot water makes all the difference
-Use an "on the spot" treatment for troubled areas
-Keep your hair off your face and back while you sleep

This should be your daily routine if you want to have amazing skin (:
Along with this daily routine you should also use a scrub 3 times a week, and a face mask once a month.

Products I recommend:

Clean start:

This line has just about everything you need. It has a face wash, a scrub, an on the spot treatment, face lotion, and more! It can be found at most fine retail stores (such a beauty centers).

Masks from lush are amazing! I highly recommend them (:

Oil absorbing sheets:

These are my savior at school! I make sure I always have them on me so that if my skin starts to get oily, I can wipe it away with out wiping off any make-up.

Mineral Powder:

If you're looking for a cover-up, this is it! It woks flawlessly without clogging pores.

I hope that this was helpful to you, and may you and your skin live happily ever after (:


Viktorija said...

Great to know that I am looking after my skin the right way :) Great post!

PiquenaTii said...

Great post. I enjoyed the reading ;D
I'm following this and your blog.