Saturday, March 24, 2012

200 Followers! (and news)

I would really like to thank all of our followers here at Editorialized! Each and every one of you are what keeps this blog going.

Since you have given me good news, I'll share with you some of my good news! We have officially begun remodeling the blog. I have hired Lindsey (Lovegossip4life) to be the official graphic designer. She has a lot of experience with making graphics such as graphics for BBS like this one:

She has been showing me her progress and I am very pleased with it! I cannot wait to show you all, but for now you'll just has to hold tight.

On to other good news. I am very honored to say that Editorialized has been nominated on The Stardollian Gala.

It seems so crazy to see our name among the best and biggest blogs of stardoll.

Some other news is that we have our final 2 contestants of Editorialized's Next Top Model! They are:

Elizabeth Black (Jelizeveta123)

Elle Rose (Rockinellee)

If you remember, we were supposed to be at our top 3 at this point, but unfortunately both MMAlovergirl and Iovanca were forced to drop out due to their real life situations. So this leaves us with our top two! Once all the feedback from their portfolios is received, I will post it here, and announce the final task.

I have some very exciting things planed for when we get the new layout, so stick around!