Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Features

Editorialized's has begun to reveal some new and exciting features! The first of which is an application for media partners. You'll see the application on a page when you click the above tab that says "Media Partners". Project partners are great ways to help each other out. If you are selected as a media partner, you will see posts about your project/blog right here.

Another new feature is that we now have a question page! On this page you can ask questions about anything related to fashion and/or modeling in the real world and on stardoll. Your questions will be answered in the form of posts.

The final thing (for now!) that has been (partially) revealed is the Editorialized Hall of Fame. This is a particular new project that I am quite excited about. I will reveal more details about the Hall of Fame when the first person has been inducted into it. Do you have any guesses about what it is?


Elle Rose/RockinEllee said...

I'm guessing the first person in the Editorialized Hall of Fame is the winner of ENTM. Orr it's Kylie :)

Anonymous said...

^^ Yeah, it's just gonna post the well known people ;(

lovinjudas xxx