Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interview with Starsyd3333

Final Task

Sydney (Starsyd3333), is the cycle two winner of Miss Top Model, and will be a judge for the next big thing: Editorialized's Next Top Model. But no one simply gets handed these things. She had to work her way to the top, and it was not all up hill. Let's take a look at her journey. 
Circus inspired

L: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you find out about stardoll, and what has kept you on it?
S: Hmmm, well, it was actually a friend who told me about it. We were maybe 10 or 11 and loved dressing up our own, and each other's dolls. I remember we would use the Stardoll chat to communicate, but we eventually drifted apart. The only reason I got on Stardoll was mainly for communication with her and other friends. When they were gone, I didn't know what to do, but I eventually found these modeling clubs and joined one. When I won the first one, I became active in more and more. So, I guess what has kept me here is making sceneries.

Three little pigs inspired

L: How did you develop your talent for sceneries?
S: I wasn't really into the "dollywood" part of Stardoll, but one day I heard about someone who was considered an elite. It was actually bluegreen86, who we all know owns probably the biggest modeling competition on Stardoll. I looked through the sceneries and found all these different poses and wanted to create amazing sceneries such as the ones I saw in that club. I experimented a lot, and failed quite a few times, but I grew better and better. Joining competitions helped, because they pointed out problems that I didn't see. Actually winning the competitions boosted my confidence to join more. 

Inspired by dance

 L: You were a contestant in cycle one, and were eliminated early. What made you determined to be a part of cycle 2?
S: Anyone who knows me knows I am a very determined person, and along with that competitive. I feel like in cycle 1 I left on a bad note. I didn't want to be thought of as that person easily picked off in the beginning, and never truly leaving my mark. I wanted to redeem myself, I guess you could say. This time, I wanted to leave remembered.

L: What was your favorite task from the cycle?
S: Most likely the music task, but not just 'cause I won it! I love music in general. Along with music, I am sort of a poetry junky. I like listening to a song and figuring out what is meant behind the lyrics. I feel like I look at things in a different way. The task gave me a chance to show my interpretation visually, which is a way I have never done before.  (see scenery below)

Inspired by "Love Story"

L: Where do you get your inspiration from?
S:  My life. In most of my sceneries you can find an aspect of my life, even if it is really hard to find. I feel like by adding a piece of my life to each of my sceneries, it makes it more real. It adds that spark that every scenery needs.

L: Do you have any future goals for your stardoll life?
S: I might try to write for a blog or create one of my own since I love writing so much. I read all of these amazing posts from writers on Stardoll blogs, and I see how inspiring just there words and opinions can be. Words are very powerful and can leave an impact on someones life. So, I guess my goal would be to leave an impact. Not only here on Stardoll, but also in real life.

Inspired by a raindrop

L: What advice would you give to aspiring models?
S: I know you will probably here this a thousand times from a million different people, but it is true. Don't give up. You need to keep trying and practicing. I'm into basketball, so I am going to give a sports related metaphor. When I first started, I couldn't do a thing. I couldn't shoot the ball, dribble it, or run up and down the court without tripping over my own feet, but I practiced. I shot 50 free throws each night, I started doing laps at the track, and joined the local rec team. Three years later, I'm a starter for my high school team. Hard work and effort DO pay off, so don't give up.

Let's give Sydney a big congratulations, and welcome her to the ENTM judging panel!

PS: I have hired three new writers from a contest I held on MDM. See the post here. For the moment that is all the writers I will hire, but if you are interested in writing for this blog you can apply here.

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evermore1girl said...

Her sceneries flow beautifully. I couldn't see a point where the bodies look wrong.

Good luck to Sydney, she made for a nice and captivating interview.