Saturday, May 19, 2012

Make it worth your while!

I don't know if you read my recent post about Prom on MDM, but it was something I wrote before attending my Senior Prom (there is also a junior prom at my school, and so they insist that senior prom is called Senior Ball). I wrote that post when I was feeling rather pessimistic about the upcoming prom. I think you can tell from the post that I absolutely loath the way people dance at prom where I live (apparently it's different in other places, thank god). However after attending Senior Ball I found that there are many ways to make prom worth your while! The number one thing that I did that kept me looking forward to prom was making my own dress:

I has been such a long process, but once people at my school found out about it, they were so sportive, and of course made me feel beautiful the night of. Now I'm not saying that you have to make your own dress to make prom (or a similar occasion) worth your while. I just think you should be invested in your look! Don't feel bad going to to a couple different places to find the PERFECT dress. Another thing that completed the look was getting my hair done!

Now this is all post prom prep. So what makes the actual day fantastic?
  • Going as a group. Get a limo or a party bus, and just have fun! 
  •  Having an Awesome Venue! I'm not sure how much control you personally have over this, but my prom was at an aquarium/museum type place, and it was fantastic because you got to see fishies and penguins, and take pictures with fake zebras (:
lol, my friend being silly
Over all these 2 small things made prom much better for me this year! For those of you who are looking forward to prom next year, or many years form now, enjoy it! Don't make it a task, and don't stress out about it (:


Joanna//juicy-much said...

woah, your dress looks gorgeous, you should do another sewing tutorial soon <3

Dei said...

So pretty Lia :D