Saturday, July 14, 2012

Online Shopping Will Be My Death

Not sure what's happening with the writers here, but I do get that Stardoll is boring and writing for a Stardoll based blog is not everyone's cup of (green) tea.
Anyways, I don't like seeing this blog go to waste, it is after all my baby, so I'm contemplating making a post (if this get's published you'll no I ended up posting it), I was going to do a rant on life without Stardoll and how much better it is and blah blah blah but I've decided against it. (However if you must know, it's quite good and I have a life.)

Instead I'll leave you with the results of my constant trawling the internet for beautiful clothes and things I want to buy;

It's so pretty, no? Perfect for partyin' in ;). However tis' too cold in Australia to be wearing it without anything underneath at the moment, but what do you think?

But then again I am desperate for some Jeffrey Campbell Lita's...

Aren't they hot? *sigh*

But I would also love some Black Milk leggings...

Which are so amazing (and Australian made).
Decisions decisions, tell me what you think! Should I make a purchase, or are my ideas of pretty things actually as bad as my obsession with Instagram?

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ciao amigos,


LadyGaGaMcQueen said...

You have no choice, buy the Jeffrey Campbells! :P

Rafi101 said...

Wow the neon skirt is definitely an eye-catcher, but I think you should buy the Jeffrey Campbell heels. They are soo hot! I'd be very happy to see my girlfriend in those shoes .. if I had one ;P

Gladis ♚ said...

I'm stuck between the Litas and the Van Gogh pants!!

Joanna//juicy-much said...

ooh, you could layer the skirt with something, it's so pretty! D: Try some things from, they have free shipping and cheap clothes!

Anonymous said...

Litas baby, litas.

Ciara said...


olga said...

This skirt is a keeper, can go with lots of pieces, must have in any woman wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hi