Monday, October 25, 2010

Hermosa Pesadilla

It's been three years and 5 months.
Two Covergirl titles after, One blog (, lots of friends (and enemies) made, a handful of controversies faced, gone for a couple of times... and I am still here.
. i guess is like a stick of cigarette to many. You cringe at the thought of consuming it from the very tip up to the head of the filter. Addicting.
Since i went back (for the nth time), i received several offers to write for different blogs. Due to time constraints on my real-homosapien-life, i had to decline each and every single one of them.... until i received this one from
This blog is understated and classy, unpretentious and real. It was an offer too delicious to resist.
In here, let's talk about life, fashion and everything that is an inspiration to many of us. This is OUR segment in this blog.
...speaking of inspiration, this sweet gesture from a dear friend is too timely (and fabulous) not be shared with all of you.

Ladies (...and everyone i love in between), i am Noelle Page.

Now let's talk.


Kylie/missricopenguin said...

Awh, thanks so much for agreeing to be a writer :)
And that is a gorgeous piece of artwork :)

Isabella.Arci said...

I agree with Kylie! Mighty glad to see your thoughts again on a blog, Noelle!

You should start doing more graphics!

Wonderful blog, Kylie!

Am a fan!


Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Great :)

Hello ;D

I like this post.xD

Star_Awards said...