Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Looking For Writers!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for no posts lately, but I plan on having a Grand Opening of the blog really soon at my nightclub The French Flamingo.

I am also looking for new writers, so comment here, tell me on stardoll or on skype if you're interested. I'm looking for people who visit websites like style.com etc. 



Princessvx said...

Kyliee :D! ME! I keep on commenting, me, Princessvx.. ME!:D

cutiepie80 said...

Me :)

I ♥ Style.com,One of my favourite websites apart from Facebook & Stardoll.I check up on it at least twice a day if not more xD ♥

Age: 12 [13 in 8 days]
Name : Jenny
Stardoll username : cutiepie80
Skype Username : sd.cutiepie80
Why I would like to be a writer for Editorialized : I'm very Bubbly and Friendly,I'm on the interent at least 5+ Hours a day,I ♥ Fashion and this is the perfect chance for me to write about my favourite thing!