Monday, November 14, 2011

ENTM: 2nd Elimination & Task 3

Here we are again.

This task was all about inspiration and posing. 
The models had some of the finest posing inspiration around. 
Coco Rocha.

Well I have good news. And bad news.
Do the two always have to come together? 
Do people always want to hear the good news first?
Do you want to hear the good news first?

Well hear it is: All 6 submitted sceneries were AMAZING
Wait, there's more.
There will be no elimination tonight!

This of course leads to the bad news.
LuxeHolly & LoveGossip4Life have both decided to leave the competition.
At this rate the winner will simply be the last one standing. 
Please don't make it come to that.

Alright, back to more good news!

Here is the task winner:
Congratulations your scenery will be featured on MDM!

2nd-6th place:

2nd: Iovanca
3rd: x-x-Perfect-x-x
4th: twiilight.freak
5th: Rockinellee
6th: Jelizeveta123
I wouldn't worry too much if you're in the bottom, just please take a look at all the advice that the judges gave. I truly believe each of you 6 models have what it takes to win. So keep up the good work, and remember the prizes at hand!

Task 3 

We all have them. The world has them. Oh so many of them. 
For this task you will chose an issue (abortion, deforestation, war, etc...) and, if applicable, take a pro or con stance on it. Make a scenery showing this stance/issue in a way that is still tasteful and editorial.

We have all seen how amazing you all are at making sceneries and posing(keep it up!), now we want to see your concepts and your stories as well.

You have until the 22nd.


Jamie-Leigh said...

Wow! Love these. Congratulations to the Winner x

~ bracken1234

evermore1girl said...

so much talent. Congratulations to mmagirl it was brilliant.