Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been applying to colleges like crazy, and I'm almost done. I just have one more application to go, and then all I can do is wait. *bites nails*

I assure you that ENTM results will be posted within the week, but for now I have a more educational and artistic post for you all!

It's about one of my favorite sites:

On this site you can add fantastic effects to create all sorts of photos!

Now one of my favorite things to do is go out somewhere with a nice landscape or background, and just take photos. I often bring my BFF along, because she's a great model. After one of these such events I decided to run my photos through pixlr-o-matic, and the results were better than I could ever hope!

Here's an example. I started would with a perfectly average picture like this:
It's pretty nice, but not jaw dropping or anything.

I edit it on pixlr, and BAM!
Insta magic! 

Pixlr-o-matic allows you to separately change the coloration, added effects, and borders. However I have found that the trick is to use this button: 

It instantly randomizes all three things simultaneously. I find that it leads to a combination of things that you would never think of using, but actually work quite well. Of course you have to press it a few times to get the right result, and sometimes all three things aren't perfect, but it really does help with decision making. I used this method on a set of photos, and I'm really happy with the results.

Here are a sample of them:

What do you think?
Will you try using pixlr-o-matic?


MMAlovergirl said...

AH-MAZ-IN! thanks lia

Seasonalhotbuys said...

Its a good site, But very amateur for photo editing

Lia MacKenna / liajm said...

@seasonalhotbuys: It's just for quick edits (: Of course you can get much more specific and detailed on your photo editing.

MMAlovergirl said...

iv been playing around with it for my fb photos =] its inspired me to get a camera.

sakutaro said...

OMG it's like insta-hipster!