Friday, November 4, 2011

ENTM: Elimination 1 & Task 2

The first task in the history of Editorialized's Next Top Model is complete

The task was impressionism. Let's see how it went.

Here are the sceneries in review. In order from best to worst.

The task winner is....

 Congratulations! Your scenery will be featured on MDM.

Runner up...


And 3rd-8th place


The 9th contestant, Gabby1822, has decided to leave stardoll, and is therefore out of the competition. It is unfortunate, but lucky for our contestants this week, because this mean that no one will be eliminated.We will continue on with 8 contestants, but remember, only one can win.

But for those of you who found your selves low in the standings, PLEASE take this as a warning. Take all the advice the judges gave you (Maggie could not judge all the sceneries because she was having computer issues) and work extra hard on your next task. 

Task 2

Super model Coco Rocha is not only known for her striking face, but also for striking poses.

 While judging the first task, one major thing I and the other judges noticed was that some of the poses seemed unrealistic. When basing your pose off of a photograph, it is almost impossible for that to happen. That is why this week we will be doing just that. We will be taking inspiration for the ever talented Coco Rocha.

The following 10 pictures are the only pictures you may use for inspiration. No two people can use the same picture. It is first come first severe. Reserve your picture by commenting which number picture you want in the comments of this post. Once I see that you have reserved a picture I will add your name to the caption of it. 


2 (reserved by Jelizaveta123)

3 (reserved by Iovanca)

4 (reserved by Twiilight.freak)

5 (reserved for x-x-perfect-x-x)

6 (reserved by Rockinellee)


8 (reserved for LoveGossip4Life)

9 (reserved by LuxeHolly)

10 (reserved by MMAlovergirl)

 Once you have chosen a picture, you must try to recreate the pose to the best of your abilities. The styling, and setting, however, is totally up to you. Have fun with it, and maybe come up with your own story! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! The task is due on November 12th. Good luck! As always, the task winner will be posted on MDM, and someone will be eliminated after this task.

For those of you not in the competition: What do you think of those amazing sceneries?!? Do you like the new task?


Holly/LuxeHolly said...

Thank you so much! I think I'm going to go with #9, I am in love with that pose:)

Elle Rose/RockinEllee said...

Pose 6 is all mine :)

MMAlovergirl said...

i want 10 thanks x

Iovanca said...

3 for iovanca please

Anonymous said...

I take Number 2 ;)

from: Twiilight.Freak

x-x-Perfect-x-x said...

Can I please have 5? For x-x-Perfect-x-x

Anonymous said...

Pose no. 8 seems like a great challenge for me! I'd love to try to do it, to step up my modeling career a notch! Thanks again for saving me, I was very upset to find myself in last! Hopefully this time it will be better :)

evermore1girl said...

She is a fantastic model. I love the pictures. good luck and great job guys.