Monday, October 24, 2011

Scenery Tutorial: Coco Rocha

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I made a scenery tutorial, so here's one for all you aspiring models.

This tutorial will focus on expression, the power of black an white, and of course, complex posing!

Our inspiration for today is:

 The amazing Coco Rocha!

The first step in making a good scenery is styling. You should keep your basic features (nose, eyes, face shape & skin tone) but expression is key! The two most important things in expression are the eye brows, and mouth. For this scenery I have raised my eyebrows, and chosen a slightly open moth to give a surprised feeling to the scenery:

Once you are happy with your expression, you must chose a background color. For this scenery I am planing to turn it into black and white in the end, so I don't want a white background like in the picture, because it will look to bland. The beauty of black and white is that it unites all the colors in your scenery, and makes certain things stand out. I decided on a grey background, because it adds contrast, but is not too dark.

Now we can begin posing! I always begin my poses with the head, so the first thing we must notice is the angle of the head.

We must also notice how the rest of her body is also tilted, in different angles.

The "T" shape shows her torso and shoulder span. As you can see the torso is at a slightly different angle than the head, but only by a little bit. Because it is such a small difference, I am going to keep the torso that is connected to the head, and just add different arms and legs.

Let's take a look at the angles of the arms and hands:

It looks like we're going to need 5 different body parts to get the correct pose. When putting together the pieces it's important to notice that each elbow is approximately a 90 degree angle. 

Now that we have 6 bodies total things are starting to look a little confusing. But by the lines, I hope you can see that I've lined up the angels pretty well. Now on to the legs! 

I think I will keep the leg on the left that is attached to the torso, because it is pretty close to the correct angle. So that means I just need to add 2 more bodies to form the legs. 

Now that we have all the parts we need, we must cover up the parts we don't need. Like so: 

Don't worry if it looks a little funny at first. Once you put clothes on it will look better. See: 

Then just a dd a few details for effect: 

Do you remember I said I wanted to make this black and white? Let's see how that looks.

Pretty cool huh? So how did this tutorial compare to the other ones? 

until next time,