Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elimination 3 & Task 4

This post is long overdue. 

I'm sure many of you have forgotten the task, so here is a little refresher. 
The remaining 6 contestants had to create a scenery depicting an important issue in the world. The contestants were free to chose which ever issue they pleased, and there choices were very inspiring and emotional. 

The task winner:
Jelizaveta123: Smoking & Cancer

Congratulations!Your scenery will be posted on MDM!

2nd-5th place:
Rockinellee: Hunger

MMAlovergirl: Depression

x-x-Perfect-x-x: Bullying
Iovanca: Anorexia

Twiilight.Freak: Suicide

I'm sorry to see you go, but me and the other judges just did not feel enough emotion from your scenery. Please read the comments on your scenery page for more critiques. You have a done a great job in this competition, and you should be proud! I hope you leave knowing that you have learned something.

Task 4

Being a model is much more than just sitting still and looking pretty. It's about selling a product, and being adaptable.  

If you've ever seen a cycle of ANTM you'll know that the time always comes for makeovers. There's always tears shed for lost hair. But on stardoll, fear not, that hair can grow back in a second!

For this task you must change up your look. Try a new hair style and color or mess around with new make-up! In the comments of your scenery show a before and after of your look.

The scenery you make this week must depict a runway. You are the star model, and you must sell the look. You may create a story around it if you like, but most importantly you much create a sell-worthy look, and display it in the best possible way. 

You have until the 28th.


MMAlovergirl said...

is changing skin tone too much? i was thinking a bold, colorful look and black/brown skin tone..

when you say sell worthy, do you mean commercial fashion, or hight fashion?

sorry to be a bother, i just wanted to be really clear when im coming up with my concept.

Lia Jeanine / liajm said...

It's not a bother at all!

I think changing skin tone is too much. Keep it in the realm of what you can do with make-up, contacts, dye, etc...

I think I'd go for a high fashion run-way look, but it really should be something you feel comfortable with.

I hope this clarifies more!

MMAlovergirl said...

ok thanks Lia ;)