Monday, December 19, 2011

Six Months Gone By...

I did pretty well didn't I? I stayed off Stardoll for... 6 months? Lots of people can't stay off this tyranny (maybe 'tyranny' is a bit harsh?) for more than a week. I think what worked for me is that I realized that I didn't have time for website like Stardoll, and that I was too old to be playing something that was originally created for kids nearly half my age and that was why I left.

But I spent way too much time (and money) on this site to go completely cold turkey, I had made too many amazing friends to never speak to them again, and although this website might be intended for 10 year olds, I still have way too much fun creating outfits in my virtual dressing room, so I checked up on my account every few weeks to reply to messages and occupationally update my outfit. Over the course of the past 6 months fashion has become even more important to me than it was before (thanks to tumblr) and whenever I logged in to check my messages, it would bring a  smile to my face as I dressed my doll up in Chanel, Dior and YSL, because fashion is, and will hopefully be for a long time, a major part of my life.

Anyways, the point of this post is to say I'm on summer holidays and I have way to much free time and for the next 6 weeks I have absolutely no commitments, so it's quite likely you'll be seeing me around for a little while, I might even make a blog post (Versace for H&M anyone? Love!)! So if you want to catch up (or are just bored) message me on stardoll, or add me on skype kylie.xx, and you can tell me all about what I've missed out on in the last six months and if anything actually changed from July to December. ;)

xxx Kylie :) (once known as missricopenguin)

P.S I'm pretty sure this blog needs a mass makeover... hint, hint...

P.P.S Lia still owns this blog, I'm not planning on making any major changes to it.

P.P.P.S I won't be continuing any of my past projects.

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