Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News! News! News!

There's been plenty of modeling gossip buzzing around in Dollywood the past few weeks. New modeling competitions, new Top agencies & long longed results has all been made official, at once. As for a start, I present to you, Essence Models:
Essence Models is a new-found modeling competition owned by Iovanca, aka. Ioana, and VanAndAsh, aka. Delia. This competition isn't like others though, no-no. This modeling competition is based, on clothing designing and outfit making! I also snapped a little hint on the website of theirs, and I can tell you, this is going to be an ace competition.. See for yourself here!
As we're already talking about Ioana, why not gossip a bit more about her? The results for the prestige filled position as face of Stardoll Fashion Week has been made public! Out of 140 applications, not only one were chosen to model alongside with Coconut_Nicole, but two. FierceIsMyThing and Iovanca has got the dream positions as faces of Stardoll Fashion Week Spring 2011 alongside with Nicole! And what faces, eh? Lovely choices!

Another new-thinking modeling chance has recently opened up. Tyler's Top Models is a new modeling agency for aspiring models of Stardoll! And by agency, I truly mean agency. This is no modeling competition, no scenery-tasks, no weekly eliminations. This is an agency. And a very exclusive one as well! Only the best will be accepted to be represented by TTM. Read more and apply here.

P.S Passion Magazine was recently released! If you haven't checked it out yet, you totally should. This is another project of Ioana, here she's co-editor in chief together with Daisy-Croatia aka. Danka. And guess who's the covergirl? *Giggles*
What have you got to say about this all? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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liajm said...

Oh you were a beautiful covergirl Linnea!