Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Posing: Dream big

I came across this image
and thought: what an interesting pose!
could I do it in a scenery?

The answer: yes! After 2 grueling hours I am done. 

It started looking like this:
now what the heck is that?!

Well lets see:
oh that looks a lot better!
But it's not that easy to cover everything else up....

I must admit at points while making this I was sure that it was impossible, but I couldn't let my self just waste an hour of my life, and so i just kept going. And I so glad I did cause look at how it turned out:

Now that fierce.
and then I just added a few items:
The finished copy. 
And guess what? Stardoll let me save it! No stupid item limit for this scenery (:

The moral of this post? Dream big with your poses! Anything's possible.

Comments? Will you try this pose?


Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...


Lia, you are a genius!

Miss_LolitaF said...


Vicky said...

I would have well given up ages ago ;o
That is amazing!

Bubblyminty said...

Om my gosh, that is bloody amazing! I am so jealous of your talent...I tried to do poses but I fail so badly.

Kittie said...

Do more!! If tried to do that, I fail epically.

_StarHelen_ :) said...

OMG!! I love this!!!!!

I-Love-Pigs said...

That is so amazing!

Is that the picture off Mel's presentation?

liajm said...

Thanks everyone!

@I-Love-Pigs: yes this picture is on mels presentation, but it is a very famous image (:

juicy-much said...

Lia, you are so amazing!!
I wouldn't have even attempted to do that!!

I-Love-Pigs said...

My attempt:

I like yours way more though (:

liajm said...

aww that's pretty good! You just need to watch your proportions, your legs are to long. I really like the backgrounds though! much more mysterious than mine (:

Alice2078 said...

Holy crap, thats amazing! But how do you like see the pose? It's all covered up I would have gotten a headache by now trying to find which was the real pose!

meyla_17 said...

It's Perfect! Look like a Star!
A Princess! :D Very Well! :)

Linnea/.pease. said...

That's Ah-Mazing!

Pip_lover_anin said...

gosh, that is amazing