Saturday, May 21, 2011

Journal de France - Day 3

The following is not a true story. However I did in fact go to France, and therefore this is inspired by my adventure. 

If you have not read day one or two click the "journal de France" tab above. 

March 20th

"Here we have gathered fashion, modeling, and photography experts from all over the world."    
I had been at the meeting for precisely 15 minutes, and three things were clear to me.
The first was that  there were some very important people in this room.
This was making me nervous, and I was beginning to wonder weather I was in the wrong room. 
The second was that the room smelled strongly of cheese and it was distracting me, from what I was positive was a very important speech.  
The third was that someone kept turning around and sneaking a look at me before quickly turning away.  
Three, two, one: she turned around again.
I tried my best to ignore this, my nerves, and the smell of cheese, and concentrate on what was being said.
"We have all come to the fashion capitol of the world to discuss the past, present, and future of these industries. We will begin the day with a presentation of the history of all three of these things. So without further ado, I present to you the professors of of Belmont University."
Applause sounded throughout the room, and I absentmindedly joined in. I wasn't expecting a history lesson...
"Those who do not know the past are condemned to repeat it," A peppy blond was saying.
She continued, "Fashion has become a vicious circle of repetition, and that is why, before we talk about the future of fashion, we must talk about it's past."
She then went on to showing a full-fledged power point of fashion from as far back as it goes really, up until the early 20th century. My head was spinning from all the images, and the room still smelled like cheese. 
I was piecing together everything that I saw when the lady began talking again.
"Now I want everyone to break up into the groups of their profession to discuss how we can create something new in your area of work."
She then directed models, fashion designers, and photographers in to the right areas.     
  I ended up with the most beautiful people in the room: the models, of course. 
I was seriously doubting that I belonged there. 
I looked around and saw Aguste across the room. When he saw me looking at him, he winked. 
I took a deep breath, and focused my attention on the people around me. 
"Well I guess we should all introduce our selves?" Said a dark haired man, with an Italian accent. 
And so we did. There were so many different accents! I couldn't even place half of them! 
And there was that girl who had been looking a me earlier. Her name was Ariel. 
She had pale skin with peircing plue eyes, and curly black hair. 
She definitely fit the model profile. 
The Italian guy, named Marcel, continued to take charge. 
"So let's brain storm," he said, "What is something new and ground breaking that we can contribute to the future of fashion, as models. 
Before I knew what was happening I had opened my mouth, and words were spilling out: "Well I don't think it's so much that the models need to change, the human race will always find it's own definition of beauty, and models will change accordingly. I think it's more of how we use the wonders of humanity to our advantage."
I could have sworn I heard jaws dropping. 
"I mean," I rushed on, "The human body is capable of so many different poses, that are locked up because of gravity." 
"Under water modeling." Ariel said in a low voice. 
"Exactly!" I replied.
"That's where I've seen you before!" She declared, "I saw this beautiful underwater editorial, and you were the model." 
Again I was shell shocked that people actually knew me, recognized me. 
Me, from little Dollywood.  
For this one moment, I even forgot that the room smelled like cheese. 
Everyone in the group seemed very intrigued with the idea of underwater modeling, and we quickly dove deep into discussion. For how many minutes, or hours we sat there discussing it, I do not know. But by the time we finally had a well thought out idea, and plan for the future, the meeting was almost over. We slowly drifted back into our original seats, while the meeting was adjourned. 
I was glad the conference lasted 2 more days.
Because I finally felt like I belonged.


I'm sorry it took me so long to post this, but I'm now in the realm of make-believe so writers block happens often...I've actually been working on this post since April 8th!    

In other news, I have completed sewing my first dress! (you know, from the sewing project I've been talking about for ages?) Here is a pic of it half way done:

Here's the front and back of the completed dress:

My friends at school were freaking out that I made it (: lol

Well I hope to get Day 4 done quicker than day 3, but no promises!  



FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Wow! Great job Lia,the dress is amazing!

evermore1girl said...

I love the dress, it is really well made and the detailed back is adorable.

I enjoy reading the journal, I only just discovered it now, good work

_StarHelen_ :) said...

The dress is amazing! You should make more clothes... Maybe one day everyone will be wearing your creations. I'll read the story tomorrow because I have no time now but it looks nice!

Samantha said...

Wow, I ADORE that dress!!! I always plan on making one, but I'm a procrastinator ;)