Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Posing: The Basics

It has come to my attention some people would really like to know the bottom line basics of posing. Well Fear not, I am here to make wishes come true.

So first and foremost you must know how poses are created. They are made by using multiple bodies strategically placed, to create a "pose". Once all the bodies have been laid out, there will be parts that you don't need, and those will be covered up. If you are a superstar the easiest way to cover things up is with "tiles". Now here is what I mean by that:

Tiles are simply "posters" that you make in the star bazaar that are all one color. As you see above they are 4 stardollars and for ss only.

So what do non ss do? They have to use more creative things, are are more limited on the colors they have. For more info on non ss posing please see my tab up above (:

Well I hope this cleared some things up for people, and if you have any other questions please ask in the comments!


juicy-much said...

That looks awesome Lia!!
I have started doing sceneries with more complex poses, but the clothes won't cover everything up properly!! What are some suite items you recommend using to replace clothes?

liajm // Lia MacKenna said...

That is an excellent question! I will do a post on that soon ;)

evermore1girl said...

I really found this helpful, I often have rather bad sceneries as around my medoll's arms they aren't very smooth and I did wonder what others used.