Friday, May 6, 2011

They'll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance...

So lately we have been posting about real life magazines here on Editorialized, right? Well not it's time to show you four magazine releases/spoilers you may or may not have heard of...


Rawrr! Monster magazine is back with Baya/Vanessa on the cover looking very fierce in Louis Vuitton, which incidentally is their theme for this issue.

As per usual, Wooldoor, the graphic designer does not fail to impress. Her graphics are gorgeous and features a wide range of models we have never seen before...

... Including of course Joe Jonas from The Jonas Brothers. Where are Nick and Kevin?? We all know Nick is the cutest of the three... ;D

I must admit the only article I ended up fully reading was the covergirl one, the rest I skimmed through. The magazine has a total of five main articles if you plan on reading and lots of stunning graphics of amazing Louis Vuitton for you to feast your eyes on...

Read the magazine here.


Just recently DANG! Magazine released their Spring 2011 issue. This magazine really has gone far, I really do love this issue, from the layout to the graphics. It's owned by Maddrumfairy, who is also the owner of Pauline Armstrong fashion line!

Gillian Maxwell, owner and founder of Stardoll's NOH8, stars on the cover of the magazine.

One thing I love about this magazine the most is that they have graphics of things that aren't clothes or anything, random right? I'm in love with this Macbook, my dream laptop!

That is one of my favourite outfits.
Depending what you call an 'article', this magazine has seven, easy to read ones. It doesn't overload you with information, and has some gorgeous graphics to go with it.

To read the magazine click here.


The next magazine on the list is a lot less well known, called 'Our Generation', this magazine does not disappoint size-wise.

The cover features Linus [Dog_Boy96] and Marie, who's username I'm unsure of, in black.

I did an interview for it called "Love or Loathe."

Although graphics wise it needs a lot of improvement, it has some interesting article. It has four main articles in total, plus a few other smaller articles with pictures.
Wondering if your Elite, Welite or Normal? Head over to the blog and take the quiz.
I think this magazine has a lot of great and creative ideas, they just need to work on graphics and presentation more.
P.s, to the owners; try and keep your pages all the same size!

Read the magazine here.


And last but not least, Reckless Magazine released their spoiler with Egle [Vampire_] as the model. I love her doll and I think she's a great choice as a model.

I love this spoiler and can't wait for the issue!

Click here to see the spoiler.


What do you think of all these magazines?


P.s click here to go to the song with the lyrics on the title, I'm obsessed with it!


pixieshani said...

Thank you so much Kylie! btw the girl on the front cover username is Marie-name x

xxlovexx / Kimberly♥ said...

I also released a spoiler for my magazine Loud! -If you wanna check it out. xD

evermore1girl said...

I love monster and dang, the rest look good I look forward to their being released...