Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fresh Face - new portfolio agency for SD-models

Hei everybody,
do you remember my post about how to create a SD-modeling-portfolio? - If not, reread it here!

There's a new Stardoll-Portfolio-Agency called "THE FRESH FACE" and owned by Chloe (rhfcjnrf).

 They will take most clients, whether they have a standing status as a model or are a new face in the industry, but you must have TALENT and/or POTENTIAL.

This agency creates a sample photo shoot for models to add to their modeling portfolio.

But Remember, this is not a modeling agency with magazine, designer, etc. clients. They simply expand model portfolios with a 'Fresh Face' editorial. 

The price for a photoshoot is 25 stardollers for superstars or 250 starcoins for nonsuperstars for the general 3-photo package: A makeup headshot graphic, a no makeup headshot graphic, and a pose photo.
If you would like just a pose photo that is 15 stardollars or 150 starcoins and if you would like just a makeup or no makeup headshot graphic, it will be 10 stardollars or 100 starcoins.

It looks like the business for Chloe runs very good, because there's following Statement on her Blog:  
"I am now getting bombarded with photoshoot requests in my guestbook and now already have 7 on my to-do list, and counting. That being said, it will take me quite a while to get to everyone's finished and I will become more selective with who I make a photoshoot for." 

And I think everybody will absolutly understand, why there's such a huge number of requests if you once have seen some samples of her Shootings...
Here I picked some of them:

So if you need some Photos for your modeling-portfolio or if you want to become one of the Graphic-designers, or if you simply want to follow her Blog and have a look at the great Shootings she makes, click here


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