Monday, August 29, 2011


I'll leave Stardoll...
permanently and consistently...
There aren't much reasons to tell, all in all, Stardoll's pissing me off and I have some changes in real-life.
But I'll leave three accounts behind...:
My one and all: Punky_Lissy

 Informations about Punky_Lissy: 7673 Starpoints, 46 Days Superstar left, Royality, known Stardollmodel with own Portfolio, Coowner of this Blog, Suite with Penthouse, Beach, and 2 Extra-Rooms, a lot of items, fullfilled closet and storage.

Then a account which hasn't been used for a time: KyneSpie
 Informations about KyneSpie: 2045 Starpoints, never been superstar, 4 Room-suite with kitchen, office-room, a lot of items, some clothes

and the official BlogDoll:ExtravaganceSD

 Information about ExtravaganceSD: Very new Doll, 2 Room-Suite, has been superstar for 2 weeks, 612 Starpoints, kitchen, clothes, items...

I decide to not just giving them to anyone, so I want everyone who is interested in getting one of the Dolls, to tell my why you want to get them, what you'll do with them and who you like them, like they are now?
 The One who wants Punky_Lissy please recognize, that it's important to not change her facial-futures, because of her modeling-jobs and running jobs... Punky_Lissy only will be given away together with the ExtravaganceStardoll-Blog and her modeling-Portfolio - so of course this account will be only given to People with experience!!!

So if you are interested in becoming one of these Dolls,click here to apply in the comments!!!
-So try your luck and apply!!! 



To_Royal said...

This wasn't '!!!SHOCK!!!'ing at all :s

But sad to see you leave.

Lia MacKenna / liajm said...

I have to agree with Dei on this. I'm changing the Post title to announcement because it's a much more appropriate title.

The editorialized team will miss you.

Elle Rose/RockinEllee said...

The Editoiralized Team is getting smaller! D: I'll miss you alot Lissy!

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to this comp with you! good luck in the real life, youll do awesome!

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, this blog is dying none of the writers even post anything.

Anonymous said...

I kind of think that nobody from the readers actually cares about your leaving, nor about an ugly medoll which we are not allowed to change. it's not shocking at all, just it actually shocked a bit that you really posted this, because people usually post about their leaving in THEIR blogs not in the ones they writing for.