Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Show must go on... - great modeling-opportunity

Hei everybody... after the last, sad news - the Show have to go on;) 
so here you get a great modeling-chance!!!

Maybe some of you know the very new Fashion-Line  
ULICA by Nika Pia Oneil !?!
I heard about it today the first time, and when I saw the blog I was fascinated!
The Owner Nika Pia Oneil alias Princess_Kiara1 is a fifteen years old girl from Slovenia. I think she has a lot of talent and creativity and I really, reaaaally adore the Spoiler!
Have a Look at this gorgeous spoiler:

 The Spoiler shows all and everything, that ULICA is!

"The very first collection, Who do you think you are?, consists of mostly loose clothing pieces, which are exposing underwear and making everything slutty, trashy, sexy, inappropriate, but in the same time very rebel. The shoes are different kinds of platformers. The hairstyle is also a huge part of each outfit. ULICA is a fashion brand, inspired by all the rebel people you meet on streets on a daily basis, but it has it's very own bit, which is my own idea of mixing huge, "gangsta" clothing pieces with underwear, and adding them a hint of high fashion. Ofc some clothes are different from the most of collection. There are some tight, playfull dresses and other outstanding pieces."
ULICA is searching for models - a great chance to become a part of this wonderful fashion-line
 (click on the pic above to apply)
Take this Chance;)
Good Luck


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Anonymous said...

Not to be rude but wtf? is the model wearing in the Advertisement ?

Really? said...

The clothes are awful. The concept is awful. The spoiler is plain weirdness. Yeah. Not excited for this.

Nika Pia / Princess_Kiara1 said...

Thanks for posting :D
Anons thanks for your feedback ;)