Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Fashion-Lines, two modeling-opportunities and a great Summer-Party!!!

Hi, guess what...!?! - It's me again :P
With new modeling-news for you!

At first there's LarissaVOUGE 

I was a little confused, when I look through the posts of the Fashion-Line, first it looks like the first collection should be inspired by "The Sea of Stars" 
(click on the following picture to enlarge it)

then there has been this message:
(click on the pictured to enlarge)
So you see, I don't really know what the first collection is inspired by, but I like the graphics and the way the collections has been intoduced.

There will be a Runway Party to release the Collection of Summer 2011 in Beautybabe2's guestbook in a few days, so what do you think of it?
will you visit the party? 
I think the Theme "Dolce&Gabbana" is a bit odd...

(click on the picture to enlarge the Party-invitation)
here you can apply as model for the next collection
You have to tell them your Full name, Username and about your experience;)

Then there's FEARLESS a Fashion-Line you might know...

It's owned by Kimberly (xxlovexx) 
and the first collection will appear soon.
This is the first spoiler and I think if you imagine of another background-colour and makeup it might look very nice and special and the intoduction by the designer Kimberly sounds great.
(click on the pic to enlarge)

Also here you've got the chance to become a model of the first collection - click here to apply.
You'll have to tell them your Username and also you have to show them a Pic of your MeDoll with and without MakeUp and tell them about your experience (Portfolio).
8 will be chosen and another 2 will be hand selected by Kimberly herself from the rest of the Stardoll world.

What do you think of them, will you visit the party and will you apply for the modeling-jobs???


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

and now when i'm watching this, i'm glad i can say that i don't miss stardoll anymore :] But i still have to read this blog. hahha.

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xxlovexx / Kimberly♥ said...

Thanks for posting!

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