Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello, and Apptastic Fashion:

Hi there, first let me begin with how excitied I am to be writing here, and also with a little bit about me.
My name is Shannon, I am 14. I am from New York City, and I would say my style is "urban-boho'-ish, is that even a style? I also write for Stardoll Fashion Daily as a makeup artist. So here is my first post:

     As a proud owner of an iPhone 4, apps are everything to me, from style, to well Talking Tom, I thought I would list some of my favorite fashion apps. So, starting with the basics, I am a big fan of Tumblr, and of course Blogspot, so I like to quickly catch up with my favorite bloggers. In case you would like to know, I personally love, The Girl Next Dior, Tam Worddict, and of course, Saucy Glossie (thanks for the hint TJ Maxx commercial)

Secondly, I am overly addicted to those QR codes, so I love scanning every single one I find, so I have quite a few shopping apps, but by far the most useful would be Sephora, I am addicted to makeup, even if I don't but all that much of it, so I like to see what's new and on sale. Also in shopping Overstock is great (cheap shoes anyone?) As well as Forever 21 and H&M.

I love the Chicfeed app, it is avliable for free or 99 cents, so of course me being, well me, go for the cheap one. This app features inspiring photos from fashion blogs, perfect for finding new blogs, and seeing cool pictures.

So there are my apps, any recommendations? Please comment below or in my guestbook, and I will make an updated list later on.

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