Monday, October 17, 2011

How braidtastic + New Writer

Hello little Editorialized stalkers!

As the title suggests, I'm a new writer here at this wonderful blog, and it's quite surreal, going
from an avid reader, to having "New Post" where "Dashboard" should be!
Want to know a little bit about me?
My names Joanna, I'm 12 and I come from the lovely  fricking hot right now land of Australia [Like Kylie!].
I love music, art, Harry Potter, songs that make me cry, and laughing at the idiotic drama that happens around here.
And now you know me.

Anyway, as I said before, the days are heating up in Australia, and that means SUMMER has come early!
Not a huge fan of  these 40 degrees Celsius lazy days, but it does mean that 
new hair trends aren't far away, and this year, they're reinventing the braid, and here's 3 
of my absolute favourites!

The Fishtail Braid

Collage courtesy of

The Fishtail Braid basically looks like a back-to-front inside-out braid, something simple, but effective.
It looks great with about any type of hair or colour, and it's surprisingly easy to do!

Here's a video to show you how:

As it says in the video, it's easier to do the fishtail if you have longer hair, and not so short layers.
It takes a couple of times to get it right, and it does take some time to do.
However, with the end product it looks sensational!
It's incredibly easy to make it unique by adding in accessories [flowers, coloured extensions e.t.c],
so have fun braiding!

The second braid I want to show you is a personal favourite of my best friend, Demi,

The Waterfall Braid

It's a no-brainer why this hairstyle is called The Waterfall Braid, it looks as if the hair
is actually cascading down in the style of a waterfall! 
 It can be styled to look messy, for a warm day at the beach, or formal enough to wear to a wedding!

Here's a detailed video teaching you how to get your own Waterfall Braid:

The best thing about the Waterfall Braid, is that you can attempt it with short hair, and it still works!
It does take a bit of time to get this perfect, and it also helps if you're quite accomplished at french-braiding.
Overall, the hairstyle is stunning, and also easy to accessorize, like the Fishtail. 

The next braid hairstyle I want to show you has been around for years, it's a timeless
classic, and this summer, it's coming back.

The Braid as a Headband

Collage courtesy of

This makeshift headband is an oldie, but a goodie, and has made it's way from the hair of bored teenagers
at a slumber party, to the silky locks of Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere.

Here's one video to teach you one of the many different types of braid headbands:

I find this style easier to do than the other two, but it still has that stunning effect.
 This one is harder to accessorize compared to the others, as it's an accessory itself!
However, just put a few small, quaint flowers inside the braid, and it'll have a lovely, peaceful feel to it.

Well, I hope you guys found this post helpful if you're in need of a new hairstyle!
Leave me some comments saying which one was your favourite, and whether you tried any!


Lia MacKenna / liajm said...

I LOVE braids (:

I have done all three of those braids before. The fishtail is a challenge on my hair though because I have layers. I haven't managed to be able to do the waterfall on myself but I've done it for friends. But braids as headbands are perfect! They are great for pulling bangs back, or just adding texture (:

I really liked the layout of your post, well done! And welcome to the team.

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Great post!

I love Fishtail Braid.^^

my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

evermore1girl said...

Thank you I will be following many of these tutorials.

juicy-much said...

Lia~ Haha, thanks, it's great to be part of Editorialized! I'm quite good at the fishtail, but my hair's too short. T_T

Mihaela~ Thankies!

Robyn~ Good luck! ;D