Wednesday, April 27, 2011

British Vogue

UPDATE: Those interested in the Royal Wedding, it's 11PM on the 28th April, and Sarah Burton has just been seen going into Kate Middleton's hotel!! It's pretty much official: WE HAVE A MCQUEEN WEDDING DRESS PEOPLE!!!

Despite being an avid reader of this blog, I have only used my author privileges once since gaining them, which was a fair few months ago! SO for your lovely eyes, and in order to stay awake so I feel like crap in the morning and can get off school [so much homework, so little motivation..], I thought I'd show you one issue of Vogue that Kylie didn't cover in her recent post [which now has me aspiring to travel the world so I can purchase them all, or at least set up some heftily-priced subscription services].

I'm pretty sure the world knows about the Royal Wedding occuring on Friday between Prince William and Kate Middleton, but the psychosis is at its peak in Britain. Commercials are now nuptuals-themed, fascinators are in mass production, and you can't go many places without finding Union Jack bunting or flags or other celebratory shmuck plastered over everything. Browsing the book aisle in the supermarket I work at, even authors are at it, with several plump new novels on the shelves geared heavily towards weddings. And no, it's not a coincidence. At least one of them actually references the royal do on the back cover blurb [given the short time frame this would allow for writing, publishing and all the processes that accompany those, it does make you question the quality of such pieces].

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against the whole sha-bang. I love a good wedding program on the TV [Say Yes To The Dress, Don't Tell The Bride etc], big white dresses are my kinda thing and despite being in high school and nowhere near engagement times, I already have comprehensive plans for my own eventual Big Day [don't judge me]. Nor do I have any grievances with the happy couple. Prince William is charming and I'm glad he's found someone who makes him so happy, and Kate seems like a perfect future queen [think: that luscious hair and sense of style could make for one hell of a stunning coronation...]. But the first thing I did when I heard of the engagement was groan, because I knew already the madness that would entail. And when you can't change channels without stumbling across ANOTHER bloody royal wedding program, or flip through a magazine without seeing a feature on wedding attire, it becomes really tiresome.

But then, as it does, Vogue reawakened the bridezilla in me. The May issue has three covers to choose from, featuring Lara Stone, Freja Beha Erichsen and Natalia Vodianova in a white, frothy, glowing headshot. Stunning photography.

But it wouldn't be Vogue if they'd left it at the simply 'bridal radiance' cliche set. So to juxtapose the crafted beauty the cover boasts, they created two fabulous editorials to go with it.

The first features Agyness Deyn in this spring's hot hue: white [it's as if the S/S'11 shows knew the engagement was coming, and styled accordingly]. Appropriately titled 'White Mischief', the pixie-esque model poses in several cute and precocious vintage ensembles - billowing dresses, thick frou frou skirts, ankle socks, cutout midi skirts, quaint tea dresses and fantabulous hats [not to mention one delicious feathery cover draping her frame - I want that throw for my bed..]; all shot in a warm hybrid location: deserted beach/middle of nowhere/stripped back farmhouse/Amazonian sands complete with frolicking wildcats. J'adore, j'adore, j'adore!!

I adore the way this shoot takes a more risky look at white and vintage, and the fabulous contrast with the location. It would have been so easy for them to do basic tea party attire, pretty florals, maybe some kittens, set at a posh hotel or perhaps a French farmhouse look, but instead they opted for more exaggerated styles, extreme textures, quirky details and a wonderful African setting. Kudos to the Vogue team. Proud to be Brit!

The second of the shoots is perhaps not as original, but the stunning content means I really couldn't care less. Showcasing fabulous designer wedding couture, this shoot has glamourous models with sculpted beauty and radiance wearing the most wonderous and extreme of bride chic, surrounded by men and women in uniform [Mmm, lovely]. Opulent fabrics, multiple textures and oh my God, tulle... Lucinda Chambers, if this is your world I want it!!

Everything about this shoot I adore. Men in uniform are a bonus, but I don't think I'd care if they were obese sweaty women in jeggings. From the swelling net skirts, intense beading and piled up trains, to the crisp shining origami silk, sharp silhouettes and the absolute beauty of the last ballerina-esque net gown, this editorial goes from extremities of opulence to simple elegance, all topped with an oversized flower perched in the models hair. I want them all, all of them!!

So in true Vogue style, fashion excellence has revigorated my enthusiasm for this forced wedding season. And I pray now to God that the rumours are true, and that Sarah Burton for McQueen has designed Kate's dress, as it will surely be as gorgeous as the examples above. All hail Catherine Middleton, the couture queen!


liajm // Lia MacKenna said...

Wow. I love love love this post! You should seriously find more time to post because this was great.

I really liked the first editorial. The contrast of the white dresses to the sand gives such a dramatic effect!

I which I lived somewhere where there are kings and queen (: The closest things we got are celebrities...or the president? yeah, not really...

juicy-much said...

Awesome post, you should definitely post more xx.

I personally can't wait for the wedding too, but it's getting ridiculous when they released Prince William masks.

I like the second editorial, especially the old man one!


Marykate said...

Amazing post,Becka! :)

Kylie/missricopenguin said...

Ahh great post Becka! You describe things so well! :D

And OMG I didn't hear that! I hope Sarah Burton is the designer ;D

jessijenni said...

looooovve this post!

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