Sunday, April 10, 2011

Emma Watson Obsessed

I love this girl! Not only is she amazingly pretty, a super talented actress [Hermione from Harry Potter!] and smart, she can also model.

I found this editorial [well, I've actually known about it for a while :P] from Marie Claire, December 2010 and I love it. The styling is so cute, and I love her pixie haircut, it suits her so well, don't you think?

Emma Watson is gorgeous, if you want to see more of the shoot click here, all the pictures are from Fashion Gone Rogue, one of the most amazing websites for editorials and such.

I made a couple edits of the above Editorial. If you're wondering why they say Unbelievably Kylie in the corners is because I made them for my tumblr.

What do you think about Emma?


.emma.x. said...

I think she is beautiful and I love her in Harry Potter!

Linus said...

I love Emma. [: She's an amazing actress & her style is just jaw-dropping!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Ohh.She's absolutely beautiful.

liajm said...

love her ♥

juicy-much said...

I absolutely adore her, and how much she's evolvede! In HP1, she was 11yo with large bushy hair, and in HP7, she's like a beautiful young woman! And I love the shoots she does for Burberry!

Princessvx/Vicky said...

I adore that girl!

She is one of my biggest role-models and you just proved what an amazing, and multi-talented women she is now that she developed from this 13 year old since Harry Potter!

Love the edits, and Imma go and check out the website right now xD

Awesome post btw <3

Nadine86 said...

wuaw love the short hair on her!!