Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Complex Pose Tutorial (#3)

It’s been quite some time since I did a scenery tutorial so I decided to do one (:

Today’s scenery will be inspired by this photo:

For this scenery we’re going to start out with a black background.

The first thing we must determine is what angle to place the head at. I drew a line on the picture and my doll to help figure this out:

On the picture you can see the line is about a 45 degree angle, so then I just had to rotate my doll until it was also at the same angle.

Then I moved my doll to the center of the scenery, because having symmetry always makes a scenery look better.  So now we’re going to work on her left arm. The first thing you should notice about this arm is how close it is to her chin. The next thing you should notice is the angle of her arm. 

Taking these things into account, the arm should be placed like this:

Now we place another arm in to bend it like this:

Now we move on to the right arm. 

When doing the first part of this arm you have to be careful that the head does not overlap the left arm: 

Now this is where it gets tricky. It’s really challenging to put the last part of the arm in place with out covering the other parts that you want. So I put the arm down a few layers, but I had to keep it above the first part of the left arm (or else it would go behind the other head). 

This is a sacrifice I had to make, but it is easily blended in. Now I have to cover up everything I don’t need. Let’s take a look at what I do need:

Keeping in mind what we do need, I’ll cover up what we don’t need. 

Now I am well aware that this does not look to fab, but once your put clothes on it’ll look a lot better (:

Now for complex poses it's best to use objects as clothes, like I did above. Now just add a few items, maybe tying in a theme, and a tile:

 "If only we had more time..."

And tada! you're done!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! How did it compare to my previous ones?


Nadine86 said...

wow amazing but sooo cluddered everything ,i cant imagine i can still figure it out wher to place it without the lines so that was great idea will try it out soon someday!! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I really love your poses and they are incredible,especially this one. However,your creation of clothing is absolutely horrible and it gives no shape.I think if you can learn to slim down certain items and not put so much. You would do such a better job. You don't need any help with posing,but definitely work on your design and flattering selfpmade clothes :)

liajm // Lia MacKenna said...


yea I know, I bad at that....especially this time because I wasn't supposed to be on stardoll at the time, and I was rushing cause I didn't want my mom to find out, and make me closed my unsaved work. That's one thing I don't like about scenery making...that you can't save things as drafts :(

juicy-much said...

That looks awesome Lia!!
I have started doing sceneries with more complex poses, but the clothes won't cover everything up properly!! What are some suite items you recommend using to replace clothes??

evermore1girl said...

This was really helpful. Someday when I have time I am going to try making one now. I liked the clothes it made it look like she was turned sideways which is hard...