Monday, April 11, 2011

Interview with vampire_

Hello everyone, it's Ellen again, and I'm starting my interviewing column!

The first person who I interviewed is.. Egle Stone also known as Vampire_ .She's a designer (Wonderland of E RTW), magazine editor and owner (WILD magazine), aspiring model and just a truly style icon!

Quickfacts :

Here's the interview!

Hello, Egle!

Hey, Ellen! (:

You are well known because of your unique look

, great personality, and amazing sense of style... How would you describe your style?

I have no idea.. it's just my style. It depends on my modd, weather, everything! But I think it represents my personality great.

What do you think, what makes you unique and different from the others?

Well.. I'm not afraid to put together some colours that don't seem to match at all and look - they match! I also like unusual shapes and unique accessories. I think you will never see me without the black eyeliner! *laughs*

Hahah! But I think that there's something more beyond the style - there's a personality. How would you describe yours?

I'm friendly, caring and may seem so girly, but I'm strong and I can defend myself all the time. Oh, there's also a huge ego hiding behind! Haha.

Hahah! I'm sure that uniqueness, style and personality is extacly what you need when you are working as model! Talking about it, what was your favorite modeling experience so far and why?

Well.. i'm not a big model, I just joined ELITEmodels agency not long time ago.

Before this I was a model for a few magazines, Fantasy Couture fashion line and covergirl of the amazing Runway magazine.

(photos from Runway magazine [] )

Awesome! I loved your photoshoot in runway magazine!

But you are well known not only because of your style or look - you also have fashion line Wonderland of E, which is absolutely fabulous! If it's not a secret, how do you chose models for it and what do you need to be WOE RTW model?

For my part of WOE I search for unique faces, which are rar

ely seen. I know that people are bored of seeing the same faces in every show or magazine, so I try to surprise them.

I agree about it, and I love designers who choose models who are different and not afraid to have their own unique look. Is there anything you'd like to say for Editorialized readers?

I want to say a huge thank-you for interviewing me! I wish big success for this blog!

Thank you for your interview, it was really fun talking to you about modeling in stardoll! :)