Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Diaries By Kylie

Hey guys, new segment by me! Anyways, Fashion Diaries by Kylie will basically follow me through my day and all the encounters I have with fashion, beauty, modeling, whatever in both real life and stardoll. Sometimes I may get off topic, but I hope you don't mind. ;)

Friday morning, and I wake up with a start as my alarm clock wakes me up at precisely 6.02am. It's Friday and I have sport today in the afternoon, so I choose to wear my contacts instead of glasses. I'm still new to the whole "sticking your finger in your eye" thing, so I wake up half an hour earlier than usual so that I have plenty of time. After dropping them on the ground twice I manage to get them in.

First job of the day done.

Now, to make myself look presentable. My hair is a curly, frizzy mess (I should post some pictures one day :P), and my tan lines are clearly visible. The thing with wearing glasses for the last three years through sun, rain and snow is that whenever I get sunburnt I always get a massive line around my eyes. Imagine a bright red face, and then two pale circles around the eyes and then two horizontal lines across the face where the glasses handles (?, what are those things called) have been. Very attractive.

So I use a very careful makeup plan.

First step, sunscreen, it's summer and I don't plan on getting skin cancer any time soon.

Next step, primer. I use Napoleon Perdis. It's meant to be some shield between my face and my makeup, plus it helps it stay on longer.Thirdly, I apply foundation! I love foundation, and I think I may be addicted. It just feels so good on my skin, and I just feel bare when I don't put it on.  I use Maybelline Dream Liqid Mousse in "Nude".

And lastly, mascara! I am really uncoordinated at apply mascara, especially on my left eye. I always must have tissues around when I apply it to get any mascara that seem to have, ermm..., simply missed my eye. ;D

So there you have it, my pre-school makeup ritual. What's yours?

P.s, what do you think of this segment?


Queen-of-mean. said...

Love it !

Deidra said...

Mine is simple, I just wash my wash face in the shower, then lotion my face for moisture, and then apply a new combination of eyeshadows, eyeliner, or mascara(which I hardly use).


sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

Really love (X100) this post, I am terrible at applying mascara, I get it just under my eyebrows every single time, but it's worth it :)

liajm said...

really entertaining post (:

I get up, take a shower(if i didn't the night before) do something to my's normally quite cooperative, but somedays....

Then I put foundation, mascara and either eyeliner or shadow on (:

by then I've normally spent way too much time and so I just pop something in the toaster and make a run (well actually I drive) to school (: