Sunday, November 14, 2010

THE REVIEW: Lieve By Lolita

Lieve By Lolita [Miss_LolitaF] made it's debut today (can someone tell me what "Lieve" means?), and it seems these days people are making designs left, right and center! When I first heard about Lieve I had no idea it was going to be stardesign and assumed that it might be a collection for Stardoll Fashion Week, but obviously I was wrong.

Her first design is titled "Lilac Roses", and well, I'm not impressed. I'm sure that a lot of people like it and that she put lots of effort into it, but personally I don't like it. As much as I love purple, I hate that shade of it.

Do you, or have you, plan on buying anything?

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Giudy said...

I know what mean lieve, it's italian (im italian) and it mean soft, for a colour it's like light!