Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Underwater Photography and Modeling

I've recently become really interested in all things underwater. Underwater is almost like a different world. In modeling it's very different because you're practically weightless. Gravity is different, and it can really turn out quite beautiful when a model uses that to their advantage.

I found this site that features underwater photography, and I was really quite stunned by how clever and breathtaking it was. You can visit the site at 

Here are my top 5 pictures from the site:

This is my favorite picture. I really feel that this picture shows how much of a different world the sea (or a pool) can be. However I also really like this shoot because it seems high fashion to me. It seems really hard to believe that this picture is underwater (after all she doesn't look wet), but that's some of the beauty of it (:  

 This picture is Alice though the looking glass inspired. I think this picture is just so clever! The picture has been turned upside down so that her feet are actually at the top of the water. This is what i mean by using the lack of gravity to a models advantage [:

This picture just looks so graceful, and I'm not gunna lie, it reminded me of Victoria from Twilight. The red hair and the oh so pale completion just screamed vampire to me.   

This is another example of using the lack of gravity to your advantage. I also really love the reflection on the top of the water, and how the sunlight comes in a makes patterns everywhere.

This picture just seemed so magical! The sparkling lights and the shades just seemed so perfect! 

Well I was quite inspired by these pictures, and so I attempted to make an underwater scenery (: here it is:

So what do you think of underwater modeling and photography? What about these pictures (and i guess my scenery) in particular? 


kylieee said...

Omg so goregous Lia!
You are so talented!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Aaa :D Amaazing!
And your scenery is amazing too xD I love it.

Anonymous said...

At Benelux next topmodel(Belgium and The Netherlands) there was an underwater shoot too:

Princessvx said...

I really adore the scenery, very well put out with thing's that seem real, but like you said, with no gravity...
I liked this post more than your old post's, more interesting... I can connect more.
The photograph's are flawless.

she851518 said...

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