Sunday, November 28, 2010

Skinny Legs & Lipstick Mag

Lipstick magazine was released today and it sparked a few peoples interests about how Mel (bluegreen86) seems to be always on the cover of our favourite magazines. Especially the Christmas issues (think Eternity and D).

Although I'm sure Mel is a great covergirl, can we please see someone different?

Anyways, I love the issue, great graphics and all. I sort of skipped passed most of the articles to be honest though as none of them stood out to me.

But I just wanted to point this out; is it just me or are those legs really unnaturally skinny??

I think the graphic designer was trying to make it look more realistic by adding that extra line on the leg, but all it did was make the bone stick out heaps, which really doesn't look good.

What do you think?


noelle_page said...

It kinda' looked scary to me. The upper part is awesome but the bottom part is...

Ciara said...

Yeah I really didn't like the legs. It disgusts me to see bones and stuff D:
But I did love the mag, not the best issue though :/

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

I saw a lot of objections on that issue xD Ahahah :D But,yeah :/ They look kinda scary :O Definitely,too skinny.Otherwise,I like this issue.I really like that magazine since Lizs take over it :D

Alice in Wonderland said...

It's definately not meant to be bone, it's meant to be muscle, but it is kinda over-exaggerated