Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Here!

Ohmygosh. *faints*

The Valentino Hot Buys dress is here, and it well, leaves a bit to be desired. When I saw the Hotbuys spoiler, I instantly thought, I want that! Then when I saw it in the Starplaza, I was like "Eh."

I absolutely adore the real life version, I want it my wardrobe! Valentino has always been a favourite of my mine, and I loved their latest collection.

Thanks to Hots Buys Addicted. ^^

Stardoll version. ^^

The Stardoll dress though is not my favourite. I really wish it were better because I love it so much. I was expecting something better, maybe if they made the skirt more transparent like in the original? Nonetheless, I still bought it, these days 14sd isn't to bad for a dress.

What do you think?

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noelle_page said...

♥ If they only made the skirt transluscent... and included those fab gloves... it would've worked... REALLY worked. ♥

syligirl said...

I adore that dress. Just like you I was like OMG when I saw the real life version.