Sunday, November 7, 2010

A New Kind Of Magazine?

Today, I had a little look around Stardoll, read a few unknown blogs and viewed a few magazines that I had never heard of. There was one magazine in particular that caught my eye, and it's called "Antidote Magazine" owned by Enchantixgirl.

Has anyone heard of it? What stood out for me was the layout they used in their latest issue. You actually flip through the pages. I thought it was pretty cool.. :P

October issue ^^ Click to enlarge 

August cover ^^

July Cover

As you can tell they are quite consistent with issues, and their graphics are quite good too. But there is more...

And that was their November spoiler! 

"Nothing shocking, just new design and style for our magazine, we loved to be dedicated to stardoll, but we wanted to change, so here is the result, enjoy! The winter is here!"

So what do you think? Are they starting a new revolution of magazine for us stardoll users, or is using real life pictures instead of graphics to far fetched?

I have to say I am really looking forward to it, go visit the website and give them the recognition they deserve!


4mariam said...

oh yes i heard about this magazine, and i am a fan, i just love it <3

L <3 said...

The second issue of the magazine, the one that is in black, I think I saw that graphic in Lipstick magazine