Saturday, November 13, 2010

Personality and modeling?

So, mostly everyone thinks of a model being jaw-dropping gorgeous, tall, rare, right proportions, strong figure, and just beautiful on the outside, and true, models are chosen for their beauty, their elegance, their ability to show off their strong features, such as their long legs, or perhaps a log neck. For example, Ann, a girl in ANTM's cycle 15, is super-long, thin, and rare to find out of the millions of models in the fashion industry. Reportedly, designers WOULD book her because of her rarity, even if she lacks personality (which she evidently shows all throughout the series) and that's what I am here to talk about.

Personality is to be proved a very important factor in a model, it can be shown in a model's walk, in her talk, in her photo-shoots, in her go-sees, and even her day-to-day activities. Designers usually look for girls who possess not only the strength in walk, and the poise, but also personality, sometimes, the designer wants the model's personality to shine during the fashion show. Personality makes a model or breaks one. When looking for models for any online based magazine, I often not only look at the features the medoll possesses, but also look for any hints of her personality in the rooms she designs, or in her presentation, because I am not looking for the most loved medolls out there, nor am I looking for the most popular ones either, I am looking for - even if the medoll is the least popular on stardoll - a medoll that can represent the magazine the best he/she can possibly.

On the last note I covered above, I would like to clarify that the model is here for the designer/ magazine's image, and without a fitting personality how can any good praise come to the certain designer or magazine's editor-in-chief? Personality is not only good on the runway, but also for photo-shoots, because when you have to do a certain photo-shoot, you need to keep a certain amount of personality for an amazing shoot, sometimes the photos are amazing because the model is naturally beautiful, but for an outstanding photo personality has to be clearly shown.

That is why in Vanity Models (my modeling club) I dont only focus on how well they make photo-shoots, but also how they talk to designers, how well they do their jobs and show personality. Furthermore, they also had to show some sort of personality to the judges, to show how well they can show their personality.

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