Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Party Update.

Note: this is the revised invitation-it's not the same as the one in my last post.

As a faithful watcher of Gossip girl, when I saw this invite, I only had one thought in mind.

The Gossip Girl white party! 

Having a "white party" is kind of a twist on the rule that you are only supposed to wear white between memorial day and labor day. In Gossip Girl the party was on the last "acceptable" day to wear white. But this lovely stardoll party is on the 17th of June! So don't feel like you can't wear white afterward.

It's being held on the Chimera Rooftop! Will you be there?

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sweety_964 said...

Hi Lia i write here because I want to ask you if you can read my message on stardoll, because I want to do an interview with you in my blog. Bye Agnese