Sunday, June 26, 2011

Resort 2012 pt. 1

Hello again fellow fashion fanatics, remember me? As Kylie stated about a week ago, I'm one of the three new writers for Editorialized! This will be my 'first' post again as I've been in Spain ever since it was made official here on the blog. On the other hand I'm not so new, for I've been on this blog before, just under another name which I bet you're aware of. o; Anyhow! I just wanted to say it's amazing to be back again! On with the post:

Resort 2012
From Left To Right: 10 Crosby Derek Lam, Acne, Moschino

 As we've all noticed, the resort collections of all the labels we love has practically been showed now, & I know I can count this season's resort collections as one of my absolute favorites! Thereby, I decided to create a three-parted segment about it, starting up with this part one, & with part two & three to come. I decided to do this because it'd literally be impossible to make room for all the great fashion of this season in one post!

For part one, I decided to look deeper into a trend which has been seen commonly recently but which aren't that new; the retro look. Above you can see three designers spotting this look on the runway. Moschino & Derek Lam has both created more nude looks color-wise, but with clear cuttings from the late 50's-60's era. Rosella Jardini aimed for the preppy school-girl look in her collection, meanwhile Derek tried out a bit more vulgar with influences from the 70's as well. The team at Acne also took inspiration from the early 70's, but instead used bright colors such as orange & blue. If you haven't seen the full collections yet, click at the names of them below the picture above.

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