Monday, June 20, 2011

What's your posing niche?

niche (nich)  n., v. <niched, nich-ing>
                  2.  a suitable place or position: to find
                       one's niche in the world.

A posing niche is therefore the pose that you do perfectly. Something that you've just got down, and never fails to impress. Throughout looking at sceneries on stardoll I have found that certain people just excel at a certain pose.

(click on any scenery to enlarge it)

For example, .naima's niche is the body tilt. She was the first person I ever saw do it, and she has perfected it.
Melinda is probably the most talked about model on this blog, but that's just because she's so talented.
Looking at these sceneries it's impossible to deny that. 
As seen in these first 2 sceneries Melinda uses items as clothes. The cream top is actually layered chairs! It's a very good item to use for clothing because of it's shape, texture, and ability to shrink to a small size. It's no longer for sale, but you can easily find it by searching the starbazaar for chairs. I found one being sold for only 5sd!

New writer to the blog, Rockinellee also has a niche: Head tilts.
 I really love head tilts because they add so much character to a scenery.
Being stuck with your head always facing forward can get rather old, so this really keeps things interesting!
Elle has perfected the head tilt, and makes it look effortless!

This is Lauren-d's second feature on editorialized. She is currently in the final two of Pearl.Models, which is where these sceneries are from.
Her unique niche is elongation. I know you may not think that's a real form of posing, but I think it really adds interesting qualities to here sceneries.  
She uses clothes, and posing to elongate her body, making it look very elegant and unique!

This is the first editorialized feature for VianneX3!
Her niche is hair posing! Sounds kinda weird right? But if done right, it can be really stunning!
She takes hair posing beyond horse hair, and it really adds a nice touch to her sceneries. 

Sceneries from various clubs (Pearl.Models, ModelingWorld, RENTM, and juniormodels) and users personal sceneries .

Having a posing niche can be helpful because it makes you memorable! If you have a certain continuity in your sceneries people will be able to recognize you. Of course you don't want to do the same pose every time, but it's always good to have a back up pose. One that never lets you down (:

So do you have a niche? What makes you, you!?

PS: 50% of you think .pease. will win MelsModels! Will you be right?

And 78 votes? Wow! who knew there were that many of you lurking around, reading posts but never commenting...


Elle Rose/RockinEllee said...

Great post! But Lia, What's your Niche? You probably can like 100 of them :P

Elle Rose/RockinEllee said...


Kylie/missricopenguin said...

Haha I agree with Elle, you're niche is like everything :D

I love the hair one!

And wow, that's a lot votes!! You people should comment more! :D

Anonymous said...

Great post! And I can't believe tirge89 is last! In my opinion she is the best!

evermore1girl said...

I comment :D
I love those sceneries. They are astounding. It is an art form on it's own

Melinda said...

I sometimes think that you[Lia] made that my niche :D. I didn't do the body tilt on purpose, it just happened and you were the one who discovered it!..
The poll seems to be right with the final two :P. But will it also be right with who is going to win?